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Why I Tell The Truth

I had to ask myself this question a few times before I found the answer.

It occurred to me, at frist, I didn’t realize I was being so blunt, with my words.
And then, I realized I didn’t know how to say the truth any other way.
The truth was the truth, and there is no way to say or describe it.

Take for instance.
We know it’s a fact, the sky is blue.
Which could be explained in a scientific manner.
However, not at this time.

The sky is blue.

Just like when we are to say, “they’re dead”, they’re dead, not deaf. …

Please click here for the truth and nothing but all the truth.

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Geek/Wish Inc.
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Where To Find Geeky Tech Items

Hi there, I wrote a software review and put it up here today.
The review is by far the most in-depth software review I have written to date.
I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.
Here’s the link to get you over there, Where To Find Geeky Tech Items.

The review covers the mobile app Geek.

Geek - Smarter Shopping - Wish Inc.
Geek – Smarter Shopping – Wish Inc.

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Is Space Really Black?

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I wonder,
Do you?

“Space the final frontier…” “Is space really black?”
Once I’m challenged with that fascinating question.
When I look into my tube that spies, surrounding the planet Saturn I see dark matter..
“Dark Matter, the unseen, mysterious, and much more predominant form of matter that is indirectly known to exist because of its huge gravitational influence on galaxies.” “…galaxies are like whitecaps on a sea of dark matter.” SPACE.

When I think of space or darkness I always refer to the color black.
Black is dark, dark matter makes up about 99 percent of the universe.
Dark matter is space.
Space is black.

_by ZOD 09-10-1999

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How To Free Yourself From Bondage

Get off Facebook, simple as that.