Thinkr8, Truth Told

Strange Thing Is …

Strange thing is, I see the truth.

Even the lies in the truth.

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You Figure It Out – Can You?

The Boogity, went Smoogity/wasn’t Goo-dity.

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The Thinkr8 End Or Not


I’m grateful you’re here reading this announcement, thank you.

It’s been many months now since Thinkr8 went live on the Internet.
Time does have its own way of proving the truths we sometimes desire.
In this case, Thinkr8 thus far has done poorly.
As a community of writer’s, a market place for great content, and most of all I (thinkr8) have failed you.

Having that said, Thinkr8 will stay alive, however; Thinkr8 is no longer accepting new members and the current members are prohibited from adding any new content to the Thinkr8 community. – current members are still active, they have 8 days from this posting to make their case as to why they should remain with the Thinkr8 community.

Please email: to state your case.

I (thinkr8) have made these change’s in order to relieve myself of the ongoing nagging
-but- somewhat settle inner stress of providing this service.

This year on September the 30th, Thinkr8 may or not come to an end.
In order for Thinkr8 to continue after said date, this depends on you and most of all the Thinkr8 community. Please consider of making a small donation so Thinkr8 can continue to provide the content I (thinkr8) have planned for the future, thank you.


thinkr8 doesn’t receive any of your private data when you make a donation.
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Covfefe Now Understood

Yesterday The President of The United States Donald Trump pulled the USA of of the Paris climate agreement. 

Today, the USA press executed a “Covfefe”.

Despite the negative coverage, the covfefe is mute.

Covfefe Now Understood