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You Know You Are From Laurel When …

you know where you are from.

And when you are only four to five miles away from Laurel, MD. ,westerly.
8 of 10.
Thus Thinkr8.

Hello Laurel.

Baltimore born, Laurel raised.

We walked wooden floors of the town Hotel.
? 2nd St.
We walked 216 to 1, we were on Main.
We had 411 P.G. St.
We experienced Agnes.
316 Gorman.
316 Talbott.
We ruled Compton, and ruled the Mall.
411 Old Line. MD City
We search for life.
Stewards Manor.
Drexel Park.

That’s just to name a few.
There’s a story in here.
Yes. I’m here.

I played along the river.
Stubborn they said.
We were schooled.
We built many residential homes and commercial building’s.
We professionally painted town.
We painted the town.
I go gold west young Man.
I found myself back to here.
I married. We faltered.
We mutually split.
I built ten stories.
The fifth faltered.

I wondered.
I lost.
We were half of what we are.
We were three-quarters of what we are.
I got tired.
I stopped, no longer under.
I’m here.

The past determined my future.
Yet- The past, the present and the future exist at the same time.
I’m here.

Thing’s are better now.
With under of what shouldn’t be.
Gotta make the best of it.

Hello Laurel.


Thinkr8, Truth Told

… they don’t understand that it’s their story, …

“The dominator culture is increasingly more and more sophisticated in its perfection of subliminal mechanisms of control. And I don’t mean anything grandiose and paranoid. I just mean that through press releases and soundbites and the enforced idiocy of television, the drama of a dying world has been turned into a soap opera for most people. And they don’t understand that it’s their story, and that they will eat it in the final act, if somewhere between here and the final act they don’t stand up on their hind legs and howl. And it’s not done through organizing. It’s not done through vanguard parties or cadres of intellectual elites. It’s done through just walking away from all of that: Claiming your identity, claiming your vision, your being, your intuition, and then acting from that without regret. Cleanly. Without regret.”

Terence McKenna (1946-2000)

McKenna’s entrancing lectures covered everything from shamanism, language, imagination, the Internet, and consciousness to religion, dreams, the origins and evolution of life, culture, alchemy, alienation, chemistry, sex, art, and literature.

To get a heroic dose of Terence McKenna wisdom, check this out:


ThinkrFay, Truth Told

What About Stress? – Stress Is Hell!

Stress is many things to many people.
Go ahead and ask your friends what they find stressful.

  1. Getting my work done in a timely manner.
    2. Staying on top of all of the things I gotta do.
    3.  Paying bills – trying to stay debt free!
    4. Trying to please those people who are never pleased about anything.

I bet everyone can add to this list!

Throw all of the stresses into one’s life:
IT is enough to depress anyone. Depression, loss of a loved one to death or broken heart. Depression due to a chemical imbalance in one’s brain.

Depression brought on by wrong thinking…or by overthinking every last thing!

Wrong Thinking deserves its own paragraph.
How many of us put a great deal of thinking into every last thing we set out to do.
How many times do we fail at a task, or assignment? And we still insist on rethinking what we already know – as if testing a theory over and over again and expecting a different outcome – makes any damned sense at all??

How ABOUT trying to live “up” to expectations – when they are not UP; but, DOWN?
How about trying to please someone who is never pleased? How about doing what needs to be done, because nobody else will do it – but you? And then you are criticized for every last thing you did because you did not do it according to someone else’s expectations
[ even tho the job got done]

Drip Drip Drip, opinions like water wearing away our self image until we have nothing left? Now take out the word: Depression and replace with whatever task you are trying to do. It is like putting one more rock into the bag you are trying to carry on your back, until we feel like we are carrying the Woes of the World on our Shoulders.

Picture Atlas holding the World on his shoulders.

Stress is Stress and it all adds up to a bag full of crap that has holes in the bottom, and we are soaked in it!

STRESS IS LIKE QUICKSAND, and there is no hope of a bottom to that pit.


Thinkr8, Truth Told

The Future Of Our World

I wrote this with Gun control on my mind. I support tougher Gun laws.

The future of this country is not in our hands. The future of this world belong’s to our young. The people who Marched for their lives in Washington, DC this past weekend. (03.24.18)

Some people are scared of this fact, and are currently attacking them in an attempt to silence them. You’re wasting your time. “The future of this world is not in our hands.”

The United States Constitution will not remain as it stands (already it’s been changed, and has been since it was created). The future that most of us will not see will be that of where the entire world will be at peace. There won’t be nations (as we have now), there will be a world-wide system, a future where the human race will work for the improvement of all. All will work together to improve upon our shortcoming’s, and this includes the life that is on other worlds. But before this happens, the human race has to learn the hard way (as we are now) of how it can do this. The creation of this country is what began what is to come. But again, our current system of governing ourselves will change. Every amendment will no longer exists as it is now written. The creator’s of the constitution knew that when they created it.

Sure we can fight to keep it as it stands now, and sometimes that fight helps, and sometimes it don’t. That’s how it works.

The month of September the 8th, 1966 is the year that changed me. Why? Because a television show came to the NBC network. This TV show showed me a world where the human race worked together and boldly went where no one has gone before. Thus far nearly all that was depicted in this show has come to pass, well not nearly all of it. But a wide majority of it has come to fruition. I believe in this future to a point. So for those of you that are reading this and think I’m crazy, I have this to say to you. I know I’m right, I’ve been living my entire life with this is mind and have seen first hand what I’m saying come into reality. Yeah, I’ve been side tracked along the way. No matter what type of living standard one choose’s for their self, life always has way of saying, Nope that’s not gonna happen for ya.

Now the question comes up, “Where is God in all of this”?

“Right here, in what I wrote.”

Oh no, the bible doesn’t say anything about this!

Yes it does. You just don’t know it yet. And you may never will.

Just as I know I have blood running throughout my body, I know this is what’s to come for the entire universe, and it starts right here on Earth!

What can we do now to make this future world a reality?
Take a step back, and look at your thinking. Upon realizing you are full of hate and contempt for change. Stop it! And do something nice for your neighbor without looking for a reward. This will change the world!

“Be kind to one another.”_by ED

Open your minds and hearts to the possibility that this future can and will be the future.

This is the solution to Gun Control.