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Leaf In The Snow

The early morning January cold was host to rich fresh brewed coffee.
Meteorologists predicted weather patterns. Snow was in the forecast.

I sat sipping the rich coffee, enjoying the prospect of a free day.

Suddenly, winter white was washing black beautifully.
A serene scene was unfolding pleasantly.

I was enveloped by the beauty of it all.

I watched the snow fall.

Through my window I heard the echo, a leaf fell
silently to the ground and kissed the powered snow.

L.L.Smith – (1996 – Published, Valley of Virginia)

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Indivisible with liberty and justice for all
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The Most Important Comment You’ll Read Today

I don’t always go around and quote someone else’s comment, but when I do,
I prefer it to be like the one below …

QUOTE: All of these children are innocent. I feel sad for both of the circumstances pictured here. I would take the young refugee in under those circumstances then extremely vet his parents before letting them permanently live here. Every innocent child in Chicago deserves a better life too. Every murdered victim by illegals or terrorists in this is from another country. We need to take care of our own and then we can help others from around the world. It’s like putting on your oxygen mask first if you’re involved in a loss of cabin pressure in an airplane incident. There needs to be more effort by the middle eastern countries to help their own by giving them shelter and joining together to defeat the enemies of their people. The US could possibly assist them with aid. We’ve done that before with other countries that have been torn apart by war. The ban on refugees to come here is temporary and no different from what previous presidents have done. The liberals, progressives, and socialists are playing to our emotions rather than to what is wise and right for us at this time in our history. Do we need to be compassionate to all? Absolutely! We will always have the poor and needy with us. Will we get it all right? I’m hopeful we can. But there is nothing new under the sun. We will always have evil with us as well. Ultimately, a Sovereign God is the One who acts with mercy and justice and our future is determined based on our acceptance or rejection of Him. Yet, this is not a religious argument. There needs to be balance in the grander scheme of things. For the past 40-50 years this country has been knocked off of its foundation and it’s time to stabilize it before we sink into the abyss of permanently losing our identity as the Sovereign Nation that we are – The United States of America, under God. Indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Have a blessed day and do something good for someone today.

The source of this comment is at this Instagram post below.
The comment here-in was freely agreed upon from the writer to place here.

atheistacademy; Let’s make something clear: if you’re going to proclaim that all lives matter, regardless of what stage of development they are in, and hold protests to fight against a woman’s right to have an abortion, then you better live up to your beliefs. Because if you fight for the life of someone who can’t even think or feel yet, why do you turn your head when a fully developed child, through no fault of their own, needs your help and voice the most? If all lives matter, all lives matter, period. You can’t discriminate and still pretend you are on God’s side.

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No One Had Any Knowledge

No one had any knowledge, so they concluded and said, “We’s Dumb”. Thence, wisdom was born.

No One Had Any Knowledge