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What About Mustard?

If I were to consume more Mustard, more often, would I gain more faith?

After all, it is said, “you are what you eat.”


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Words are ready to play with…

…when words can be how we perceive the possibilities to get a new look into word play.

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I Know People Are Talking Past Each Other These Days…

… especially online.

People are talking in the vast unending corridores of cyber space. 

I Know People Are Talking Past Each Other These Days
Maybe the voices echo…maybe they bounce off of shadows and vapors…nobody knows for sure. People sit and stare at their computer screens and hope against hope that their friends might catch the motion or the sensation of  noise – so that they turn their heads and catch the sounds of silence or the caccophany of spoken words…. we may never know for sure.

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You Figure It Out – Can You?

The Boogity, went Smoogity/wasn’t Goo-dity.