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What About Stress? – Stress Is Hell!

Stress is many things to many people.
Go ahead and ask your friends what they find stressful.

  1. Getting my work done in a timely manner.
    2. Staying on top of all of the things I gotta do.
    3.  Paying bills – trying to stay debt free!
    4. Trying to please those people who are never pleased about anything.

I bet everyone can add to this list!

Throw all of the stresses into one’s life:
IT is enough to depress anyone. Depression, loss of a loved one to death or broken heart. Depression due to a chemical imbalance in one’s brain.

Depression brought on by wrong thinking…or by overthinking every last thing!

Wrong Thinking deserves its own paragraph.
How many of us put a great deal of thinking into every last thing we set out to do.
How many times do we fail at a task, or assignment? And we still insist on rethinking what we already know – as if testing a theory over and over again and expecting a different outcome – makes any damned sense at all??

How ABOUT trying to live “up” to expectations – when they are not UP; but, DOWN?
How about trying to please someone who is never pleased? How about doing what needs to be done, because nobody else will do it – but you? And then you are criticized for every last thing you did because you did not do it according to someone else’s expectations
[ even tho the job got done]

Drip Drip Drip, opinions like water wearing away our self image until we have nothing left? Now take out the word: Depression and replace with whatever task you are trying to do. It is like putting one more rock into the bag you are trying to carry on your back, until we feel like we are carrying the Woes of the World on our Shoulders.

Picture Atlas holding the World on his shoulders.

Stress is Stress and it all adds up to a bag full of crap that has holes in the bottom, and we are soaked in it!

STRESS IS LIKE QUICKSAND, and there is no hope of a bottom to that pit.


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The Tale of Two Pots

There once were two pots that were used to draw water from the river.  Every day two or three times the young man shouldered his yoke.  He attached the pots and carried them down to the river.  He filled them full.  He would trek up the hill, over rocks and logs til he was at home.  The water would go into a large barrel which held all of the water that the family would use.

Over the course of time…one of the pots developed some hair-line fractures in his smooth exterior.  And then that pot would slowly drip drip drip. The pot that was not cracked laugh and taunted the cracked pot.  Laughing each time he dripped. Finally the cracked pot could take it no more.

He cried out to his Master/ the man who carried the yoke.
“Why do you even bother with me” – he cried loud and long.  The Master spoke words of reassurance to him. “Do not be sad, For you serve my purposes well”!  The Cracked Pot finally asked, “What purpose do I serve when I leak water like a sieve!”  The Master lovingly replied, “Ir’s true that you do leak, ”  But I put your leakiness to good purpose,
For I have planted along the path I take all kinds of plants which Bless Me a lot.
“What plants”? asked the cracked pot.  I have planted tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, celery and broccoli and cauliflower too!  I have planted corn, and squash and even a pumpkin.
I have planted roses, and violets.  with every step I take up the hill – you leak out just enough water to do the plants good.”

The Tale of Two Pots_Image by ThinkrFay

The Cracked Pot was amazed.  He no longer complained about being leaky.
The other pot no longer teased him.

Isn’t it amazing what the Master can do with a cracked pot?

The Tale of Two Pots_©2015


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Is Equality Just a Dream?

Into each life . . .

We each enter life the same way.

We were born!

We are either male or female…the choice is not ours.

Have you noticed that?

Really please open your eyes – WIDE !

Have you noticed that??

God does not ask us:
“What would you like to be Man, Woman, Cat, Lizard”, because we all enter life as a babe.

Small, helpless, empty-headed….
A sponge soaking up all kinds of information
At some point we notice the color of our skin:
Fair, dark, light, or what have you.

DNAs’ to blame as to the shade of color.
Ancestry mixed and mixed some more.

Today we honor a man:

Martin Luther King

who fought for equality without brandishing a sword, or a knife, or a gun.
He led marches –
Peaceful in intent.
Fear fought back with violence, brutality, Bloodshed.
But Peaceful intentions walked on two strong legs.
Followed by thousands who believed in the same.

PEACE won the day. “I have a Dream”. . .

But the groups out today have left peace behind – locked her in chains.
These Groups do not have peaceful intentions they bode us no good.
People – we need to take that RACE CARD out of the deck.
Let everyone walk out their good intentions and not their bad.

May PEACE rise like a Phoenix out of the ashes.
May the Dove and the Eagle have this day!



Pursuit of Happiness.

Equality for all.

The same rights, The same Blessings.
But these rights are costly – they do not come cheap.
We can not close our eyes and ignore the injustices done.

The guises are many:
One side claims to be for the underdog – yet why are the underdogs still in their pens
tethered, chained – not by reality but commonality.

“O we is so poor” our hands are out…

“Give me Give me Give me” is the chant.
Those that put one foot in front of the other and walk away from the mess eventually find a place to rest. A life worth living – their good intentions saw them thru the struggles to leave the ghetto behind. Yet the powers that be wrestle back and forth
shouting their slogans. Proving their rudeness, crudeness, lewdness
to all as they shout: “Do what we say” …”not what we do”

Like OZ “Do not pay any attention to what the man is doing behind the curtain”.

There are evil forces at play.
Shine the light on them and they will vanish until another day.

Pray without ceasing!
We battle not against flesh and blood, but against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world,  and against the spiritual forces of evil  in the heavenly realms.

The goal of MLK’s Hope and Dreams was a day when the entire human race: black,white, red, brown, yellow would see each other with the same pair of eyes.

We are all part of the human race.


Stop dividing it by race, color, gender, animal, mineral or anti matter.

STOP putting everyone in boxes of intelligence, monetary influence, creativity, popularity, talent and favor.
{long drawn out sigh}

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Way Back When

Laurel, Maryland Resident Recalls Days Gone By

I grew up in Scaggsville & Laurel , Maryland during a time when everyone treated each other like Family. We knew all of our neighbors, and all of their kids! We went outside to play, we got dirty [ this was a time when little girls wore dresses all of the time. Jeans or dungerees were not a option unless you lived on a farm out in the country somewhere….. We bought chips & candy from the Corner store. In Laurel – we had Slattery’s & Fyffe’s.

This is circa 1957 or ’58 !

We played “Hide and Seek”, Capture the Flag, Kick the Can, Kickball, Softball,{ we played in our back yard. We had a modified diamond. With the clothesline as home plate and first base. we would throw down a piece of scrap limber for second base and third. and rode our Bikes up and down the streets. Brooklyn Bridge Road was not flooded with traffic all of the time like it is today, EVERYWHERE!!
We had snowball wars in the winter. in the good ol summer time we waded in the creek, we waded in the river. We got filthy dirty. But we were tough and it did not kill us at all. Germs – what were they? We were invincible!

Way Back When

We ate beans and hot dogs, & mac and cheese or peanut butter sandwiches at the school cafeteria. We made tents out of sheets, and camped out under the stars. (at least until we heard a spooky sound – and then we would rush inside of the house where we knew we were safe! We walked everywhere barefooted in the summers, picked garden vegetables, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries & blueberries. We walked to Main Street, or to the Shopping Center.

Front of the old Laurel Elementary school 1930-something. 

We weren’t AFRAID OF ANYTHING (except our parents!!and our Grandparents)
If you fell down you would just get back up. We challenged each other everywhere…King of the hill. If someone had a fight, that’s what it was…a fight. We played Cops and Robbers, and Cowboys and Indians, and weren’t afraid of our fake guns! We built “forts” out of old lumber. Tree houses out of whatever was handy! We left our houses as soon as we could in the morning and right after school till our neighbors would yell out — or ring a bell- – for their children as a reminder to get in the house for the night. Or if Mom Hollered – we would come running ro get a spanking for not obeying! If one kid was called for supper then we all knew to go home, but we’d be back out to catch lightning bugs!

We watched our mouths around our elders because that’s what we were taught!!! Cussing was for adults only – and if we did it – we would get our mouths scrubbed out with soap! We knew If we DISRESPECTED any adult there would be a price to pay [ any news that we had screwed up or done something we were told not to do…there would be a spanking waiting for us when we got home. Daddy would take off his belt! ] We were taught to Obey our elders or else – there was Hell to pay! and we had manners and respect otherwise someone else’s parents put you in your place, and then called YOUR parents!!!

Mom and Dad. In this picture 3 dogwoods remain. This was the big snow of 1997 [ I think!]