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What Is Reality?

Reality Is Information!

Two weeks ago I stumbled upon this video on YouTube while I was doing some computer research. Ever since I watched the entire 30 plus minutes of it, I’ve been thinking about the possibility of the past, present, and future existing at the same time.

I admit I can’t wrap my head around it.

If you’re like me and love most thing’s scientific then you’ll like this video too.

With this said, five seconds ago the past influenced this post in the present, and the future.


Reality is information (a data stream).

After watching the video join the conversation and tell me what you think about the story (information) in the video.
Thank you.

Thinkr8 is about thinking, and this is really something to think about.

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Where You Can Find, where you’ve been all your life.

Where You Can Find, where you’ve been all your life.

Where have you been all my life?


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What About Mustard?

If I were to consume more Mustard, more often, would I gain more faith?

After all, it is said, “you are what you eat.”
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Why I Tell The Truth

I had to ask myself this question a few times before I found the answer.

It occurred to me, at frist, I didn’t realize I was being so blunt, with my words.
And then, I realized I didn’t know how to say the truth any other way.
The truth was the truth, and there is no way to say or describe it.

Take for instance.
We know it’s a fact, the sky is blue.
Which could be explained in a scientific manner.
However, not at this time.

The sky is blue.

Just like when we are to say, “they’re dead”, they’re dead, not deaf. …

Please click here for the truth and nothing but all the truth.

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