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The Tale of Two Pots

There once were two pots that were used to draw water from the river.  Every day two or three times the young man shouldered his yoke.  He attached the pots and carried them down to the river.  He filled them full.  He would trek up the hill, over rocks and logs til he was at home.  The water would go into a large barrel which held all of the water that the family would use.

Over the course of time…one of the pots developed some hair-line fractures in his smooth exterior.  And then that pot would slowly drip drip drip. The pot that was not cracked laugh and taunted the cracked pot.  Laughing each time he dripped. Finally the cracked pot could take it no more.

He cried out to his Master/ the man who carried the yoke.
“Why do you even bother with me” – he cried loud and long.  The Master spoke words of reassurance to him. “Do not be sad, For you serve my purposes well”!  The Cracked Pot finally asked, “What purpose do I serve when I leak water like a sieve!”  The Master lovingly replied, “Ir’s true that you do leak, ”  But I put your leakiness to good purpose,
For I have planted along the path I take all kinds of plants which Bless Me a lot.
“What plants”? asked the cracked pot.  I have planted tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, celery and broccoli and cauliflower too!  I have planted corn, and squash and even a pumpkin.
I have planted roses, and violets.  with every step I take up the hill – you leak out just enough water to do the plants good.”

The Tale of Two Pots_Image by ThinkrFay

The Cracked Pot was amazed.  He no longer complained about being leaky.
The other pot no longer teased him.

Isn’t it amazing what the Master can do with a cracked pot?

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