Life Isn’t Fair

Some have much, but deserve less.

Some have less, but deserve much.

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It’s an Outrage

There’s a bad combination here.

Cracking floors, a sleeper below, awake above.

I won’t get mad, I awoke.

Two hours of thinking sleep.

Eight hours of work today.

Clanging pipes, crazy talk.

I won’t get mad.

I got mad.

A slapped wall, a new patch.

It’s an outrage.

If I walk away, I’ll be homeless.

Update : 09.16.18

Three days to rest.

Home Sweet Home.

Update: 09.17.18

Feet don’t move, local steps for gain.

So far, I must remain.

The awareness of days removed, caught the reward of feet don’t move.

If I remain I’ll have a home.


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Words are ready to play with…

…when words can be how we perceive the possibilities to get a new look into word play.

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How To Get Shareware For Free

If you’re like me and you like finding computer software programs at no cost, then you have come to the right place to find out how you can get full version software (shareware) programs for free.

I’ve found and installed free computer software for over a decade now, and have no intentions of stopping anytime soon. However, before I tell you where to find shareware for free, I should warn you about installing free software to your computer. We all know when you are using the computer we have to be careful (especially in this present day) with the threat of Malware, Spyware, and Virus’.

Read the entire article here. Really, please don’t bounce off this review will help you.