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When Rainmeter Is Awesome

Using computer desktop skin creator software “Rainmeter”, began being a work of art.

In the video above, I recorded the rainmeter skin as the skin was active on my desktop.
The video is on the youtube channel Amerisphere Software Technologies.
The partner, to here at Thinkr8.

Rainmeter can be found here“Rainmeter”

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Amerisphere Software Technologies
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How To Post An Article From Your Desktop PC To Your WordPress Web Site

“Expressing Ingenuity”

Writing an article to post to your wordpress web site from your web browser can be troublesome and sometimes frustrating. Well now there’s an easier way,
(and as been for sometime).

Write and design with no other browser tabs to distract you. Switch easily between managing your WordPress sites and your favorite desktop apps.

More Here : How To Post An Article From Your Desktop PC To Your WordPress Web Site (blog) — Geeks Love Detail


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Where Is Thinkr8 …

… Thinking.

Please stay tuned, we’re out in the field.

Thinkr will continue.

Thank you.

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When We Lose A Loved One

We react. I’m greiving. This site is on hold. An update will come in the coming days.

Brother SDS
Simmie Dudley Smith