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In The Woods Of Days Removed

Brown and Pale, Barren and Dry.

5 Wild Lives trample under hooves.

10 paces forward, 7 speed.

200 paces behind, White and Grey, 80 weight.

Scent of old, 80 weight strayed.

5 Wild Lives escape.

The greyhound searched to no avail, return to source.

I no longer watched.

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In The Woods Of Days Removed
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A Generated Work Of Colors

Do you say, Random Colors, random words?

Random words to describe random colors. Or are they?

Twisted, and pasted. Pixelated, and strecthed.
A click here and there. And done again.

Gradient choice.
Spectrum of light.
Transparent tunnel glow.
Event horizon.
Masses merge.

Random Colors. Or are they?

Random words describing, “A Generated Work Of Colors.

A Generated Work Of Colors

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Where Do We Get It From?

Where Do We Get It From


Everything we are …
Wait, what? Who are we?

Us. Humans. Born.

By the seed of a man, and the egg of a woman.
Genetics. Reared. Grown. “None the wiser.”

Self Isolated. Push. “Be a simple man.”

Everything we are, “has led up to this moment.”
This precise moment in time. In all time of Earth’s history.
This is a moment, a great moment, between you and me.

Look. “Hello, I love you.”


Everything we are, “Where Do We Get It From?”


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When You Know, You Know When.

When do you know, you know?

You’ll know.

What do you know?

Do you know what you know?

I know you know, you don’t know, what you don’t know.

You know?

All knowing? Nope, don’t know!

It’s better to know, than not knowing, saying you know, when you don’t know.

I know!

_”being kind is the language that the blind can see & the deaf can hear” …I would like to think we do better when we know better. _Mark Twain

“Be kind to one another” _ED