Wintrol 5 Windows Control Panel Utility +

Wintrol 5 (Windows Control Panel Utility +)

Wintrol is a free computer software program, designed to utilize Windows Operating Systems Control Panel applets. With wintrol, the stress of dealing with the complexities of windows control panel is minimized.

Wintrol can provide access to Windows control panel applets, services, and tools.
Located at the tools section in Wintrol, there are 6 buttons that are set up to allow you to add your own portable apps. Wintrol provides access to a series Windows 10 tweaks (unfortunately disabled at this time).

Wintrol is able to grab the basic system information about your computer.

With Wintrol you can check the current drive wintrol is running on for errors.
Wintrol can eject the CD/DVD player.

Wintrol can run the System File Checker (SFC.exe) The SFC checks for system files that have changed or modified by 3rd party apps or malware. The sfc.exe will attempt to fix them, place log on the desktop, and restart your computer.

And Wintrol can create a system restore point.

Wintrol was made to be portable, access to Windows control panel can be done from any user administrator account.

Wintrol 5.1.0 Build 200 (Windows Control Panel Utility +)

See the Portable Document Format (PDF) file for a more detailed look into Wintrol.

Wintrol 5.1.200 (WCPU +) Amerisphere Software Technologies .pdf

Or you can download Wintrol now. This link is hosted, and provided by –
Wintrol 5.1.0.Build

Wintrol now comes with a .chm help file. A must needed addition to wintrol.

Wintrol 5.1.200 (WCPU +).chm

The “System Requirements” :

Recommended Systems Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 10 (please note; not all Wintrol functions may work on all windows “OS”)

Pentuim 4 and Up 512 MB Ram

Screen Resolution 1024×768 or greater

Microsoft Windows “OS” must be installed on Drive C:/

Computer Administration Privileges

Wintrol was made for the computer beginner and the advanced user,

PORTABLE APPLICATIONS: Update any portable program you add to Wintrol, via their own interface.

Copyright © 2010-2020 Wintrol 5.1 All rights reserved.

Amerisphere Software Technologies


The future of Wintrol will depend on donations. Could you please take a moment and donate to the future of Wintrol?

The amount you donate depends entirely on you.
$1.00 donations are excepted.

Thank you.

Wintrol is 100% safe – as verified by – results here – Detection Ratio: 0/58


7 thoughts on “Wintrol 5 Windows Control Panel Utility +”

  1. That’s a nice tool ,Almost every tool in windows is there. Every commonly used apps in windows , It’s easy touse and puts every thing in one control tool . Good Job.


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