Why I Tell The Truth

I had to ask myself this question a few times before I found the answer.

Why I Tell The Truth?

It occurred to me, at frist, I didn’t realize I was being so blunt, with my words.
And then, I realized I didn’t know how to say the truth any other way.
The truth was the truth, and there is no way to say or describe it.

Take for instance.
We know it’s a fact, the sky is blue.
Which could be explained in a scientific manner.
However, not at this time.

The sky is blue.

Just like when your dead, your dead, not deaf.
And you’re not death, when your deaf.

Telling the truth in this manner, became dangerous in my early years.
I had the ability to get friends and family mad at me, all along I was perplexed as to why they were upset.
At the turn of a dime, it now comes to mind, I didn’t really care to hear the truth in return.

Thus my silence was my defence.

I still struggle today, with phrasing the truth in a manner that wouldn’t be so bluntly spoken. For example the other day when I was out in the field, working. In a mildly state of stress and enduring the routine frustration, I Expressed how it isn’t wise for another to be making work tool related decision for me. The statement was directed towards the guy that helps me pay some bills.

In other words, he is my boss.

I didn’t intend to be so hurtful, I could only express my assurance of how I felt at that time. Lucky my boss doesn’t let small thing’s bother him. Super Dave is the type of guy, who likes humour and will attempt to find it in every situation.

Truth finds its way. Nothing hidden will go un-revealed.
This isn’t to say when we have trouble with not speaking the truth, we don’t make mistakes. The mistakes are and may go un-noticed to us until hours or even days before we realize the truth just made said person upset. So, in advance and any previous discrepancies I may cause or caused, please forgive me, for I didn’t intend to be hurtful.

My spirit grieves just as much as your does.
I to wish I could go back and make change’s. But, we all know that not’s going to happen.
I have always stayed in awe at the universe I am fully aware I’m currently having life in it.
Like you.
I marvel at its creation by a creator worthy of the recognition.

Behold, the truth told.

I never really was a fan of a fast life.
Everything was better when thing’s were slow.
Even now, I find myself working on thing’s that are three to five years old.

In all honestly, some of those thing’s should have been completed three years ago.
A portion of them didn’t have to be.
Finding help these days is a difficult task no one wants to find themselves in.
I know I didn’t. I’m fully aware of what it takes to run a website.
I don’t contain all the knowledge of having a successful web site.
And, haven’t felt too much pressure to actually have one.
I’ve felt some, but that’s not going to make any difference.
I had to shove it over a little to focus on something to write.
In which I did.

You might want to say, It’s a bunch of nonsense.
That’s ok, I too see a snippet of nonsense in what I’m writing.
I welcome a pun in written words every now and then.
Which by the way can and does be mis-interpreted as well.

You could say I’m deep thinking now.
It’s what I do.
Now you have some insight into my mind.
Please be kind to one another.

I may suffer from split personalities.

Go carefully in your holiday travels my friends.

As well as your daily travels, Merry Christmas.

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