How To Use The WordPress Mobile App

It’s no secret WordPress has been in the market of providing a bloggers dream.
The platform is one of a kind and I personally find it very user friendly.

Before I begin with the tutorial, I must express the best way of following these steps.

Have in hand, your smart phone and the WordPress mobile app open.

wp mobile app
WordPress Mobile App Post Editor

And while at your computer desktop/laptop have open this article in your default web browser. Learning how to do this will be so much easier for you.

Now that you are back and sitting at your desktop, let’s began.

In the screenshot image above we have the WordPress mobile app open at the Big W
in-cased in a Circle.

From the menu under the word “PUBLISH”, “Blog Posts”, and a large orange circle,
with a pencil in the center. To start a new post click or tap the large orange circle or the word Blog Posts.

wp mobile app
WordPress Mobile App Post Editor_image AST_GMS

Having done that, we now create a title for your work.
It’s your title, do as you will with it.
However, title’s with words like, What, When, We, How, How To’s, etc, …

They tend to attract more attention in the Internet world.
This strategy relies on keywords.

So, establish your title, complete the body of the text (your work),
Don’t forget to take advantage of the kitchen sink functions.
There you have Images, Bold, Italics, Block Quote, Bullets, and create a hyperlink,
(a web link). You can get a link from the address bar of your desktop web browser from any web page.

Images and hyperlinks within the body of the text is another strategy to grab attention.

wp mobile app
WordPress Mobile App Post Editor

Now that you have completed the main body of your work, we go up to the gear icon within the app,
its to the left of the word PUBLISH located at the right top.

Please whatever you do, don’t PUBLISH your work yet. It’s not done.

Create “Categories and Tags”. Choose from the existing categories and tags and or create your own tags. Next write an “Excerpt”, this usually is part of the “Title” of the work.
And now most of all, “SET FEATURED IMAGE”.

Setting the featured image gives the web post its flavor. Its gumption -if you will-
But, please don’t copyright infringe from someone’s else’s image. And take full advantage of creating a Caption for the image, also give the image a description.

Adding your location usually is a personal preference.
I on the other hand, don’t allow for this function, due to more control over my privacy.
What privacy I can control, to put it more precisely.

I hope this helps, I covered the basic’s and now its up to you to explore the possibilities of the app.

The last step, -is- “PUBLISH”

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