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What Is Reality?

Reality Is Information!

Two weeks ago I stumbled upon this video on YouTube while I was doing some computer research. Ever since I watched the entire 30 plus minutes of it, I’ve been thinking about the possibility of the past, present, and future existing at the same time.

I admit I can’t wrap my head around it.

If you’re like me and love most thing’s scientific then you’ll like this video too.

With this said, five seconds ago the past influenced this post in the present, and the future.


Reality is information (a data stream).

After watching the video join the conversation and tell me what you think about the story (information) in the video.
Thank you.

Thinkr8 is about thinking, and this is really something to think about.

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… they don’t understand that it’s their story, …

“The dominator culture is increasingly more and more sophisticated in its perfection of subliminal mechanisms of control. And I don’t mean anything grandiose and paranoid. I just mean that through press releases and soundbites and the enforced idiocy of television, the drama of a dying world has been turned into a soap opera for most people. And they don’t understand that it’s their story, and that they will eat it in the final act, if somewhere between here and the final act they don’t stand up on their hind legs and howl. And it’s not done through organizing. It’s not done through vanguard parties or cadres of intellectual elites. It’s done through just walking away from all of that: Claiming your identity, claiming your vision, your being, your intuition, and then acting from that without regret. Cleanly. Without regret.”

Terence McKenna (1946-2000)

McKenna’s entrancing lectures covered everything from shamanism, language, imagination, the Internet, and consciousness to religion, dreams, the origins and evolution of life, culture, alchemy, alienation, chemistry, sex, art, and literature.

To get a heroic dose of Terence McKenna wisdom, check this out:


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How Nothing Became Something

A Video

A video of nothing, is now something, because I put it here.

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