1999-2000 Venie Beach
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What I Was Doing On September The Eleventh Two Thousand And One

Yup, we all have one.

My 911

If your like me, you were with life back in the year 2001, on the day of the eleventh, during the month of September. I doubt I’m gonna put key to screen for long -but- I know I’m gonna use words like “gonna” while putting keys to screen.

I’m gonna add image’s to this story. The image’s are an important part of this story.
You may have to fill in some gaps by using your imagination.

In the year nineteen ninety-nine, I arrived into Florida along the western coast

(Gulf of Mexico).Venice, Florida was to be my new home for the imperceptible future and I was to engross myself into my work. And work I did, painting new house’s. As a life long “House Painter” I knew my job well.

I gave my new boss hell, didn’t know him from a hill of beans. I finally came to terms with Mr. Juracsik before his passing. Mixed in with this period I had done work for other companies, filling in, when others would be absent from their duties.

Now comes the year 2001 and I once again am employed with the Juracsik’s.

Mr. Chuck we’ll call him. Mr. Chuck and I, later became Boss slash Friends.

Not something that would be in an employer, employee best interest -but- hey it happen.

But first, let’s go back a little to those days when I wasn’t working. I would bike around the town of Venice for the duration of the day. I especially like to go down to the beach and snap some image’s. 


Venice Beach – Venice, Fl.

Any exact date’s aren’t gonna be included here.

I simply don’t have the exact dates in my memory, so my best guess will be the result.

So, here I was trekking around town, going down to the beach, I rode from Casy’s Pass down to Sharky’s Restaurant. In between the trail, lies the Venice airport. Small aircraft. You know, the Piper, Cessna, type. (Venice Airport)

Stopping along the grounds of the airport boundary I began to take photo’s of the small aircraft flying in for a landing coming in from off the water.

911 - Venice, Fl.
Small Aircraft – Venice, Fl. Municipal Airport  _Images by AST_GMS

At least six month’s before 911 this image was taken. …, you should know where I’m going with this story. It help’s to have a lot of memory about the events that led up to 911.

So here’s what I’m saying. I was there, so were they. Whom is they?

The terrorists hijackers! They were in Venice, Florida at the same time I was. I rode that bike right by the house they were living in and didn’t have a clue what was going on.

More significantly, they were training on how to fly aircraft at the Venice airport.

Now, I’m not saying this image is that of one or more of the terrorists.

But, I am saying that it is a possibility.

Possible 911 Terrorists - Venice Beach - Venice, Fl.
Possible 911 Terrorists – Venice Beach – Venice, Fl.
Venice Beach - Venice, Fl. 2000-2001
Venice Beach – Venice, Fl. 2000-2001

Yup, we all have one. – Yup, I was there.

Venice, Fl. 1999-2001

Having now somewhat establish a timeline, I’ll press on and try to get to the end of my 911 story. But, hey, wait a minute, the photo above. The image where we see the small aircraft

flying into the American flag. I was just playing with the camera, trying to get interesting shot’s. Photography always was a topic of interest to me. Nothing really became of it

in terms of CBS News stature. None of US knew 911 was coming, I sure didn’t. All the while

I was snapping images of small aircraft taken off and landing at the Venice airport.
And possibly capturing one or more of the 911 hijackers with-in the aircraft here-in.

The day of 911, I was working in a new home with co-workers getting ready to spray the entire inside with Sherwin-Williams production spray paint, 40 to 45 gallons were used to

“get-er-done.” I would have to say it was around the time the first airplane struck the north tower we heard the news. The guy outside on the backhoe walked into the house and told us we were going to war. I thought he was referring to us, the painter’s. lol

We tuned into the radio and confirmed the acts of terror.
My boss called us on the phone and invited us to his house, -a five to seven minute drive- upon arrival I witnessed along with Mr. Chucks and his wife, plus Ry a co-worker, the second plane hit the south tower on television as it happened. Please, don’t mis-understand me, I’m not bragging. I’m only putting this out there for the world to know and to have you the reader make up your own conclusions as to any doubt’s with-in my theory of the events I was given to go through.

Venice Beach - Venice, Fl. 2000-2001
Venice Beach – Venice, Fl. 2000-2001

I miss Venice Beach. It was so serene, and kite flying. Wow, I really could get the kite up there. I had my best kite get up to where the planes fly. Well, let’s just say, well over 500 feet, that’s 500 feet below small aircraft. I was well away from the landing path.

This is the first time I have told this story like this.

It truly was this way for me.

And I didn’t even mentioned the part where I came from before I went to Venice, Florida.

Let me put it this way, The town I grew up in and had visited just a few month’s before I left for Florida, the terrorists had set up camp there as well.

I would jokingly say, “they followed me”

I’m not saying that any more, I’m saying I feel now they were watching me for some odd reason. Hey, I don’t know. And no one else does either.

What I do know, I’m not one of them. And never will be.

I live the United Federation Of Planets and exercise The Prime Directive.

But, of course, have life here. And I do, have hope for a better tomorrow.
Despite what chaos may come. Because I know in the end there-of, will be the glory.

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…live and in person, from the most misunderstood and the most intriguing frog on the planet.

Here’s, “JOOG”.

Frog’s are known to do some strange thing’s, one example would be for Joog, be named.

Joog received his name by being discovered in the written name “Joog” made from nails.

I am sadden, I didn’t snap any image’s of the structure.
And Joog.

Joog apparently had spent no effort climbing up the trunk of a tree.

Parking his weary life at the base of the letter “G” in the name Joog, and then for a time passed, Joog had moved to the right letter “O”

-in the name “JOOG”-

The following day upon arrival of Joog’s home, Joog was no where to be found.

All that was left of Joog’s home was Joog’s name spelled with Joog’s nails.

“Joog’s Nails”, hammered into the trunk of a tree, completely spelled the phrase
“I Love Joog”.

Without the quotes of coarse.


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Venice, Fl.
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How Not To Drive To Venice Florida

This story is one of many trips I have made to Florida and back.

The Fast and Furious Trip To Florida and Back.

My recent (2013-14) Florida trip began when I asked Paul if he would like to go to Florida and help get my stuff I had to leave behind when I faced the terrible ordeal of having to leave there at the beginning of 2012. About a week later Paul said, were going to Florida. We planned the trip. Leaving home Tuesday the 21st, at 3:15 pm and making a stop in town to pick up Paul’s wife, and to drop off some food for his Mother-in-law. Paul’s wife not being able to go, Paul and I were finally on our way at 9:15 pm that evening.

So finally Paul and I were on our way south, heading to Florida to get the stuff I left at a friend’s (work boss) house. The highway engineer’s thought they were improving the driving conditions of the Capital Beltway south of Washington, DC and falling snow hampering driving we were detoured briefly as the result of road direction confusion.
After I was content we were on track, I began to talk -thinking talk will help- and talk I did, spilling my guts about everything, expressing my dislikes and disapproval of what is happening in the world and the event that caused this trip to Florida.

My ranting wasn’t filled with hate or bitterness and resentment -mostly- I was just venting. (some of this report will be filled with memory gaps) I remember stopping a lot mostly due to we were in a rental vehicle that had a no smoking policy, and I sure can smoke them damn cigarettes down to a nub. Not to mention the need to release our bladders and to gas the van. Morning had come, it was now Wednesday the 22nd, I had been the driver for nearly 4-5 hours at this point, and well away from the snow event, stopping in South Carolina or was it Georgia -memory gap- rest stop, Paul was to take over driving. Talking, I may have been a distraction to Paul, the weirdest thing happen.
We started to move backwards as to leave this rest area -but- the van was in drive, Paul braked, and we realized the strangeness of what had just happened, we laughed and contributed it to an act of God, preventing the van from slightly hitting the trash receptacle that was in front of us.

On our way, once again I tried to get some much needed sleep, having been awake since 5 am Tuesday morning. In motion, I have a problem with sleeping. So I perked up the seat and began to get my bearings for my personal contentment of the unknown. The driving was pretty much routine and nothing to speak about, except for the talking and my allergic condition began to act up, and I had no relief, even with the medication taken.We were now in Florida, north of Jacksonville, parked at the last rest area on 95 before the 295 exit to interstate 10 west. I’ve driven this route multiple times and never encountered any problems with the drive. Paul wanted to confirm the routes to take that he had seen on “Triple A’s” web site and began the call to home for the direction’s. The same way I have taken multiple times and knew well, I expressed to Paul I had already confirmed this route with you the day before we left with Google maps. Paul’s memory gap wasn’t welcomed -but- Oh, well life goes on. We left the rest area -I was driving- Paul was to take over driving once we arrived onto route 301 south off of interstate 10.
The exchange was flawless even though this stop had been the -at least- the 15th.

Paul began his turn at driving, and I needed to sleep, so I gave a try at it. I did nod off. About an hour later the loud horn of a train woke me. The trains run parallel with 301. Awake and alert I talked, picking up previous conversations I had started hours before. I must have been driving Paul nuts with all of my talking. Hmm, I wonder if I did?
The turn off point in Florida to get over to route 75 south is one of two exit in the city of Ocala. We past them both, turned around and chose the first one we came upon
(the exit I thought I always driven), it wasn’t the way we wanted to go.
After much distance covered and knowing we were going the wrong way, we pulled over and asked for direction to 75 south. Getting back on track, the sun was in its pre-stage of setting for the day. Knowing this I knew we weren’t going to the beach or any other attraction the gulf side of Florida has to offer. We pushed on for the destination.
I think it was 7 – 7:30pm when we arrived in Venice, Florida.
Close to Venice, Paul and I discussed weather or not to pack my stuff or sleep over till morning and then pack. We decided we needed sleep. Arriving at my friends house
(we were finally there) and going through the normal happy greetings and its been a long time stuff, I felt and gained the power to pack the van with my stuff, Paul felt as I did.

It had been at least 35 hours since I slept a solid slumber. Completing the task of packing, we once again re-evaluated the decision about leaving or staying over night. 10 minutes into the process of deciding we quickly left for home, it was now 10:00pm Wednesday night.There was a lot of un-spoken Whews on my part at this time in the journey. Talking again and heading North on interstate 75, I knew this time the drive was going to be without doubt un-problematic. Paul was now familiar with the drive and I had regained lost memories. We had made it all the way back to Interstate 10 with out any major distractions or wrong turns, and or vehicle problems. Between Ocala and the city of Starke on route 301 North we stopped on the side of the road in a dark sky area and looked for any moving satellites or UFO’s, there were none. My brain is full of random thought’s now and I’m not writing well now. However, I will press on to finish.It is now 3:30 pm Thursday the 23rd and there is one more stop to take care of. We are going to stop off in the town of Scotland neck, North Carolina where my Mom had lived for well over 15 years and where I had spent the last 5 years of her life helping her in any way I could with daily task she had to do. Much to this time of my life that is another story that can be written -but- I won’t at this time.

The reason for the 30 minute drive off of Interstate 95 trek into the North Carolina (Scotland neck) country side was to get my stuff I had to leave behind when I went to Florida to work and live with my brother -name not to be mentioned-. Years of accumulating material objects and sentimental trinkets ended up in a leaky shed collecting dust and where corrosion would effect most earthly materials.  I had planned to go through everything before loaded it into the van -so as to keep any un-wanted allergens away from my breathing. Having only an hour to load the stuff before sunset, there was time to do it the way planned. Lost anger surfaced and dislike regained its place towards some, but was quickly discarding so as to not let the once lost gain a foot hold onto my life. Paul and I were once again on our way, making one stop out of town to call George, who had help me store my stuff. The call to him had to wait, cause of no cell phone coverage in town. I had to leave some stuff behind in Scotland Neck, all of it would not fit in the van. There wasn’t any reasons to stop, so we pressed on and finally arrived home (Maryland) at 11:45pm that Thursday. Un-packing was essential, getting the rental van back to the dealer Friday morning was a must, so as to not have another day of charges tacked onto the already reasonable debt. If you do the math you may come up with an equation that I had been awake for nearly 72 hours. Finally laying my head on the home pillow at 12:30 am Friday, I slept like I was in a coma. I’m so grateful to Paul helping me get my life back on track.  And most of all, acknowledge God is and has worked in all of this for a reason that is currently unknown to me.

In conclusion my Father is known saying, “If you are going to write, write in the early morning hours with a cup of coffee by your side and you will write at your best”.
This story is a result of that practice.

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How I Seen The Space Shuttle

A Captain’s Log;

With trusty binoculars in hand, at 6:50am., May 27th 1999, I eagerly waited for the Space Shuttle Discovery to blast off from Cape Canaveral.

CNN was locked on the television set and I was using the Sun Coast, (west coast of Florida) 3 1/2 hours away from the east coast, in Venice.

At liftoff, on the lanai, I looked roughly 25-27 degrees left of the rising Sun and with one ear tuned to the television I thought, “Where is it?”

My brother was strangely looking and straining his eyes 50 degrees or more way left of where I was looking.

And then it happened!

26 degrees left of the rising Sun and 2 degrees above the building complex in front of me, I saw the Space shuttle for the first time. I brought the trusty binoculars to my eyes, and made a minor focus adjustment, then I could see the fiery glow from the booster rockets.

After the booster rockets made a trail of smoke as long as my arm, the shuttle was gone, out into space, 250 miles above the Earth.

While preparing to go to work for the day, I continued to look at the smoke trail well after the Spacecraft disappeared.

This year on September 16th NASA plans to launch the Space Shuttle Endeavor. I’m hopeful I will see this launch at a distance of 6 miles, near the infamous televised digital launch countdown board.

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To this day I didn’t make it to the infamous countdown board
(there are no photo’s of this experience)