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…live and in person, from the most misunderstood and the most intriguing frog on the planet.

Here’s, “JOOG”.

Frog’s are known to do some strange thing’s, one example would be for Joog, be named.

Joog received his name by being discovered in the written name “Joog” made from nails.

I am sadden, I didn’t snap any image’s of the structure.
And Joog.

Joog apparently had spent no effort climbing up the trunk of a tree.

Parking his weary life at the base of the letter “G” in the name Joog, and then for a time passed, Joog had moved to the right letter “O”

-in the name “JOOG”-

The following day upon arrival of Joog’s home, Joog was no where to be found.

All that was left of Joog’s home was Joog’s name spelled with Joog’s nails.

“Joog’s Nails”, hammered into the trunk of a tree, completely spelled the phrase
“I Love Joog”.

Without the quotes of coarse.


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