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What Is Reality?

Reality Is Information!

Two weeks ago I stumbled upon this video on YouTube while I was doing some computer research. Ever since I watched the entire 30 plus minutes of it, I’ve been thinking about the possibility of the past, present, and future existing at the same time.

I admit I can’t wrap my head around it.

If you’re like me and love most thing’s scientific then you’ll like this video too.

With this said, five seconds ago the past influenced this post in the present, and the future.


Reality is information (a data stream).

After watching the video join the conversation and tell me what you think about the story (information) in the video.
Thank you.

Thinkr8 is about thinking, and this is really something to think about.

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Is Equality Just a Dream?

Into each life . . .

We each enter life the same way.

We were born!

We are either male or female…the choice is not ours.

Have you noticed that?

Really please open your eyes – WIDE !

Have you noticed that??

God does not ask us:
“What would you like to be Man, Woman, Cat, Lizard”, because we all enter life as a babe.

Small, helpless, empty-headed….
A sponge soaking up all kinds of information
At some point we notice the color of our skin:
Fair, dark, light, or what have you.

DNAs’ to blame as to the shade of color.
Ancestry mixed and mixed some more.

Today we honor a man:

Martin Luther King

who fought for equality without brandishing a sword, or a knife, or a gun.
He led marches –
Peaceful in intent.
Fear fought back with violence, brutality, Bloodshed.
But Peaceful intentions walked on two strong legs.
Followed by thousands who believed in the same.

PEACE won the day. “I have a Dream”. . .

But the groups out today have left peace behind – locked her in chains.
These Groups do not have peaceful intentions they bode us no good.
People – we need to take that RACE CARD out of the deck.
Let everyone walk out their good intentions and not their bad.

May PEACE rise like a Phoenix out of the ashes.
May the Dove and the Eagle have this day!



Pursuit of Happiness.

Equality for all.

The same rights, The same Blessings.
But these rights are costly – they do not come cheap.
We can not close our eyes and ignore the injustices done.

The guises are many:
One side claims to be for the underdog – yet why are the underdogs still in their pens
tethered, chained – not by reality but commonality.

“O we is so poor” our hands are out…

“Give me Give me Give me” is the chant.
Those that put one foot in front of the other and walk away from the mess eventually find a place to rest. A life worth living – their good intentions saw them thru the struggles to leave the ghetto behind. Yet the powers that be wrestle back and forth
shouting their slogans. Proving their rudeness, crudeness, lewdness
to all as they shout: “Do what we say” …”not what we do”

Like OZ “Do not pay any attention to what the man is doing behind the curtain”.

There are evil forces at play.
Shine the light on them and they will vanish until another day.

Pray without ceasing!
We battle not against flesh and blood, but against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world,  and against the spiritual forces of evil  in the heavenly realms.

The goal of MLK’s Hope and Dreams was a day when the entire human race: black,white, red, brown, yellow would see each other with the same pair of eyes.

We are all part of the human race.


Stop dividing it by race, color, gender, animal, mineral or anti matter.

STOP putting everyone in boxes of intelligence, monetary influence, creativity, popularity, talent and favor.
{long drawn out sigh}

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When We Need The Light

In the deep, tight to fit.
Push up, claw the surface.
Drop an inch, tight to fit.


Worm up, success to claw.
On the top.

The light warms us.

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written 1999
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How I Interjected Three Lines To One

… i find it fitting to keep all lines together, even though these were written month’s apart.

Thinkr thinking

The poetry in my head, isn’t from Him that lead.
The simple words are my own, written, as they were sown.
Thoughts of despair, feeling’s no one can repair.
Wake – up, see the light, not ready for flight.

The day has begun, without a gun, since there is no gun, the day has to be – done.

When it was below cold, I was bold, I stepped outside, only to find it was below cold, I went back inside.

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