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What Was I Thinking?

I was thinking about something the other day.
Now I’m thinking,
I wish I knew what I was thinking.

I think, I thought, I did.

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A Written Thought Of A Time Thought.

… this in just 5 minutes of time.

Time of Time Times. – June 11 · 18

I put blooming flowers in my food because God told me to do so, when I was listening to dubstep music while painting and moving furniture, all the while I was traveling to Baltimore, Maryland City, DC and Virginia. As a result I looked up into the sky and knew I was an amateur astronomer. The politics of it said, I was a “Grumbletonian”.


And because I’m “Fudgel”, I couldn’t really contemplate the Floridian language.


Now that I have written this I’ve concluded I maybe a “Ultracrepidarian”.


Or perhaps I’m just “Zwodder”.


The Star Wars are my Father, while the enterprise is my ship.

I couldn’t make a post that made any sense because my omelets tasted really fantastic with Feta cheese. I can no longer be serious, because I’m silly and we are just simulations running around as if we know what we are doing. No really, this is just a test.

– Rock n Roll – Peace –

The Featured image means nothing to this post!

Don’t read this.

Wait, What, too late, you did already. Sorry. My Bad! –

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Happy Thanksgiving America

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The Guy With a Blown Out Tennis Shoe

This morning I went about my normal routine getting ready for work, once I sat down in my car and began backing up out of my driveway I noticed my neighbor came jogging along side me. I sped up to about 35 mph and he was right there keeping pace with me.

When I exited onto the highway moving along at a speed of 55 mph, he was right there besides me. I couldn’t believe it, so I sped up to 65 mph. I looked back using the rear view mirror and noticed he had tumbled and rolled off into a ditch.
I pulled my car over, got out, ran over to him, and asked “are you alright, you were doing so well, apparently 65 mph is to fast for you!?”

He said, no it’s not that, my tennis shoe had a blow out.


Thinkr8, Thinkr8 Has Jokes

Where You Can Find, where you’ve been all your life.

Where You Can Find, where you’ve been all your life.

Where have you been all my life?