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What About Mustard?

If I were to consume more Mustard, more often, would I gain more faith?

After all, it is said, “you are what you eat.”


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What If I Had a Dog Named God

Hello Everybody, what you are about to read isn’t meant for you to be offended.

Because I’m a thinkr I was in the process of humoring my self about a month ago.
I had the overwhelming desire to acquire a lap Dog.
I thought to myself, if I was to get a Dog what would I name my new Dog?
So I concluded I would name my Dog God.
It just seemed fitting to me since Dog is God backwards.
And then it happened, a light bulb went off in my head.
If I were to have a Dog named God, I would be able to boss God around.

What If I Had a Dog Named God

For example.

“Give me back my donut God,
Sit God,
Go lay down God,
Do you want to go outside God,
Come here God, other people would say,
God is so cute,
How old is God,
I wish I had a pet like God, and all the little children would love God,
and want to play with God.”

But, as it stands now I’m not able to have a Dog, because God would be so expensive and I can barely make it through a month of food with my current budget.
And feeding God would be beyond my ability.

I Hope you found this as humorous as I did.


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Thorns, Thistle’s, and Peanuts

Thorns in my side,

Thistle’s in my head,

Don’t eat Peanuts in bed, you’ll wake up with scratches. 

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This Is For Us

Allergies Do Strange Thing’s

It is for us with allergies, to have a look at the odd thing’s we find our self’s doing.

I tend to play with words, so please bear with me. It didn’t happen all at once.
The symptoms gradually appeared, the illness  finally revealed its self, five years later.

Lost of smell, Lost of taste, the need for medicine is necessary for relief.
Life doesn’t agree while in a allergy attack. Zyrtec is my “go to pill” to live a nearly tolerable existence. Playing with foods brought me to understand how I could mix certain types and not be affected by the undesirable taste. 

M&M’s and barbecue corn chips for instance.
Work’s for me, and I only experience a small flavor of its content.

Strang how I remember when I was living south of the Washington DC area, and with-in the circle of friends, there was a youngster with us and he lived this illness.

Had he transferred his illness?

The illness is real, having allergies forever (all year round) result’s in oddities.

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Yes, now the world can read this confession, I have made it so, to give our “next” the tool to understand and hopefully whatever is out there maybe going un-noticed and chaulked up as ‘just” allergies. ————————————————thinkr8