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What If I Had a Dog Named God

Hello Everybody, what you are about to read isn’t meant for you to be offended.

Because I’m a thinkr I was in the process of humoring my self about a month ago.
I had the overwhelming desire to acquire a lap Dog.
I thought to myself, if I was to get a Dog what would I name my new Dog?
So I concluded I would name my Dog God.
It just seemed fitting to me since Dog is God backwards.
And then it happened, a light bulb went off in my head.
If I were to have a Dog named God, I would be able to boss God around.

What If I Had a Dog Named God

For example.

“Give me back my donut God,
Sit God,
Go lay down God,
Do you want to go outside God,
Come here God, other people would say,
God is so cute,
How old is God,
I wish I had a pet like God, and all the little children would love God,
and want to play with God.”

But, as it stands now I’m not able to have a Dog, because God would be so expensive and I can barely make it through a month of food with my current budget.
And feeding God would be beyond my ability.

I Hope you found this as humorous as I did.


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Way Back When

Laurel, Maryland Resident Recalls Days Gone By

I grew up in Scaggsville & Laurel , Maryland during a time when everyone treated each other like Family. We knew all of our neighbors, and all of their kids! We went outside to play, we got dirty [ this was a time when little girls wore dresses all of the time. Jeans or dungerees were not a option unless you lived on a farm out in the country somewhere….. We bought chips & candy from the Corner store. In Laurel – we had Slattery’s & Fyffe’s.

This is circa 1957 or ’58 !

We played “Hide and Seek”, Capture the Flag, Kick the Can, Kickball, Softball,{ we played in our back yard. We had a modified diamond. With the clothesline as home plate and first base. we would throw down a piece of scrap limber for second base and third. and rode our Bikes up and down the streets. Brooklyn Bridge Road was not flooded with traffic all of the time like it is today, EVERYWHERE!!
We had snowball wars in the winter. in the good ol summer time we waded in the creek, we waded in the river. We got filthy dirty. But we were tough and it did not kill us at all. Germs – what were they? We were invincible!

Way Back When

We ate beans and hot dogs, & mac and cheese or peanut butter sandwiches at the school cafeteria. We made tents out of sheets, and camped out under the stars. (at least until we heard a spooky sound – and then we would rush inside of the house where we knew we were safe! We walked everywhere barefooted in the summers, picked garden vegetables, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries & blueberries. We walked to Main Street, or to the Shopping Center.

Front of the old Laurel Elementary school 1930-something. 

We weren’t AFRAID OF ANYTHING (except our parents!!and our Grandparents)
If you fell down you would just get back up. We challenged each other everywhere…King of the hill. If someone had a fight, that’s what it was…a fight. We played Cops and Robbers, and Cowboys and Indians, and weren’t afraid of our fake guns! We built “forts” out of old lumber. Tree houses out of whatever was handy! We left our houses as soon as we could in the morning and right after school till our neighbors would yell out — or ring a bell- – for their children as a reminder to get in the house for the night. Or if Mom Hollered – we would come running ro get a spanking for not obeying! If one kid was called for supper then we all knew to go home, but we’d be back out to catch lightning bugs!

We watched our mouths around our elders because that’s what we were taught!!! Cussing was for adults only – and if we did it – we would get our mouths scrubbed out with soap! We knew If we DISRESPECTED any adult there would be a price to pay [ any news that we had screwed up or done something we were told not to do…there would be a spanking waiting for us when we got home. Daddy would take off his belt! ] We were taught to Obey our elders or else – there was Hell to pay! and we had manners and respect otherwise someone else’s parents put you in your place, and then called YOUR parents!!!

Mom and Dad. In this picture 3 dogwoods remain. This was the big snow of 1997 [ I think!]