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What If I Had a Dog Named God

Hello Everybody, what you are about to read isn’t meant for you to be offended.

Because I’m a thinkr I was in the process of humoring my self about a month ago.
I had the overwhelming desire to acquire a lap Dog.
I thought to myself, if I was to get a Dog what would I name my new Dog?
So I concluded I would name my Dog God.
It just seemed fitting to me since Dog is God backwards.
And then it happened, a light bulb went off in my head.
If I were to have a Dog named God, I would be able to boss God around.

What If I Had a Dog Named God

For example.

“Give me back my donut God,
Sit God,
Go lay down God,
Do you want to go outside God,
Come here God, other people would say,
God is so cute,
How old is God,
I wish I had a pet like God, and all the little children would love God,
and want to play with God.”

But, as it stands now I’m not able to have a Dog, because God would be so expensive and I can barely make it through a month of food with my current budget.
And feeding God would be beyond my ability.

I Hope you found this as humorous as I did.


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He Has The Way To Make No Sense

Take all the ideas and run them into view when they have all the speculation gathered unto the group of compromiser’s. We couldn’t hold on to our belief. And then this happen. Just as that came along, when it turned everything into a smooth jazzie drunken dream. Our place was of naught.

Most of them couldn’t contain their laughter.
As the rest fell.

How was it, the un-containable became wanted.
Is this for us to make some sense of what isn’t written.
When all is seen – only the words written.

Take all the ideas and run them into view.

Reality spoke, “a smooth jazzie drunken dream.”

Our place was of naught.

Smashing potato’s.
Tip to butter sweet.

They laughed.

A stamping example of malarkey. This was is gift.

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We Steal The Bible They Swear Presidents In On
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Breaking News – Facebook Event: We Steal The Bible They Swear Presidents In On

How do we comprehend this?

We Steal The Bible They Swear Presidents In On – Facebook Event Jan 20th

I was scrolling the move to right ticker yesterday on Facebook with my phone and found this event. I thought nearly immediately, how profound and funny.

I couldn’t retain my curosity. I had to know more details, so I headed on over to the page. 
And found the details. Provided here, snapshot below.

We Steal The Bible They Swear Presidents In On – Details, Facebook Event 

You can travel on over to the event here –
We Steal The Bible They Swear Presidents In On

I hope you can find as much humor in this as I did – 🙂

The comments over there are very humrous.

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Brother SDS
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When We Lose A Loved One

We react. I’m greiving. This site is on hold. An update will come in the coming days.

Brother SDS
Simmie Dudley Smith