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Our Movement Upon The Fabric of Space.

Our Movement upon the fabric, spinning, wobble, wobble, bump, hump.
Stardust to chaos.
Chaos to creation.
Creation to life.
Crust to crust.
Shaken to settle.
Windy winds, stormy storms.
Water to wave.
Wave to sand.
Sand to land.

Our Movement Upon The Fabric of Space

Land to life.
Life to reality.
Reality to denial.
Denial to reality.
Reality to end.
End to begin.
Begin to beginning.
Ashes to ashes.
We all fall down.
A loop, our movement.

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Covfefe Now Understood

Yesterday The President of The United States Donald Trump pulled the USA of of the Paris climate agreement. 

Today, the USA press executed a “Covfefe”.

Despite the negative coverage, the covfefe is mute.

Covfefe Now Understood
We Steal The Bible They Swear Presidents In On
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Breaking News – Facebook Event: We Steal The Bible They Swear Presidents In On

How do we comprehend this?

We Steal The Bible They Swear Presidents In On – Facebook Event Jan 20th

I was scrolling the move to right ticker yesterday on Facebook with my phone and found this event. I thought nearly immediately, how profound and funny.

I couldn’t retain my curosity. I had to know more details, so I headed on over to the page. 
And found the details. Provided here, snapshot below.

We Steal The Bible They Swear Presidents In On – Details, Facebook Event 

You can travel on over to the event here –
We Steal The Bible They Swear Presidents In On

I hope you can find as much humor in this as I did – 🙂

The comments over there are very humrous.

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