How To Get Shareware For Free

If you’re like me and you like finding computer software programs at no cost, then you have come to the right place to find out how you can get full version software (shareware) programs for free.

I’ve found and installed free computer software for over a decade now, and have no intentions of stopping anytime soon. However, before I tell you where to find shareware for free, I should warn you about installing free software to your computer. We all know when you are using the computer we have to be careful (especially in this present day) with the threat of Malware, Spyware, and Virus’.

So if you are new to downloading free software, please, before you install the program run a virus scan with your Anit-Virus program of choice and be sure it’s free from any unwanted content.

Some free software program installers will trick you into installing unwanted web browser toolbar’s, adware, etc. When installing make sure you choose the custom setting’s from the installer. That way you can uncheck any boxes that may ask you if you want to install that unwanted content.

Not all free computer software installer will try to trick you into installing unwanted content.
And I’m not here to lead you to any website that offer’s free software with installers with unwanted content. I will only list here freeware web site’s I trust.

But first, it’s time to tell you, where you can find shareware for free.

I’d rather you continue reading this before I give any links, so all links will be at the end of this article. There are ton’s of freeware web site’s on the web and believe you me, I have landed on some of the worst ones. So please, only navigate your way to the ones I offer here.

Here’s where you can find shareware for free – website,

“Shareware On Sale”

If you want to grab any shareware from this site, you’ll have to give an email address, the country you live in, check (click) boxes, which hardware you use, Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, whether you are male or female, and your job level. Why do they have these check boxes? Honestly, I don’t know!

I’ve gone through this process multiple times and have had no issues, like privacy leaks or being bombarded with ads. Only daily emails with the free software offer for that day.

You must give a valid email to get the shareware program. You must agree to allow shareware on sale to keep you informed of new giveaways and discounts. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Sometimes you will see an offer and you’re immediately attracted, but it turns out you don’t want the program. Just un-install it, that’s all there is to it.

Shareware On Sale use to give the software link directly after you click “Yes, I Want It.”

Now, to get the free program, you have to download their downloading installer. In other words, you have to download Shareware On Sale downloader that downloads the free software to your download folder.

I can assure you it’s safe, as I stated, I’ve done this multiple times and have had no issues.

Having said that, I admit, I’m not the best computer savvy human on this planet. I’m sure there are tech experts know a bit more about this service than I do. So please, do your research or not.

You can find shareware on sale on Facebook , Twitter and Google+.

Here is a couple of freeware web site’s where you can get free software programs at no cost. and

I trust these two freeware websites completely. I have never had any issue’s with free software coming from these sites. However, has some pretty weird ads on the site, I recommend you to stay away from the ads. Well, ok that’s it. Enjoy your new shareware for free program’s, and please be careful when downloading freeware from bad freeware websites.

As a bonus would you please take a moment and head on over to Amazon to buy these books. You never know they might assist you in your free software endeavours.

Paperback: 24 pages (December 7, 2016)

Essential Windows Software for Your Brand New PC – a software checklist: Increasing your productivity instantly with your new Windows PC.

and Handpicked Software for Mac OS X: The Best New Freeware, Shareware, and Commerical Software for Mac OS X.

Software/Mac OS X
Paperback: 180 pages(May 2002)

Handpicked Software for Mac OS X is your hands-on guide to the best new software. It’s packed with more than 100 reviews of the latest releases from major developers, as well as some outstanding applications you’ve probably never heard of. The bonus CD-ROM contains over 100 programs…


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