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What Is The Hardest Thing You Ever Had To Do?

We all know I can’t speak for you, but I can speak for myself.

The hardest thing I ever had to do is; what I’m doing right now.
No not this writing thing.

Currently it’s this overwhelming feeling “you know”
that feeling of despair and hopelessness. Only because you have and are now working harder to catch up to the rest of the world. And you know you just won’t make it.
All the while knowing in the end thereof it doesn’t really matter.
Nothing goes with us just like when we came out.

Living happily is what you want, but it’s out of reach.
The moment of lost is just two heartbeats away.
Will you or can you accept losing everything you have worked for.
I might think myself into thinking I can.
All the while knowing it’s going to hurt.
How can I find what to do.

I feel I’ve worked so hard to have what I have.
Knowing I haven’t done some thing’s I should have.
Catching up really isn’t as important as it appears.
A choice to make or a choice made wrongly.
Oh God, I can feel the freedom.
Oh No, I don’t want to be homeless. Acceptance is on the doorstep.

If you leave on your bike you’ll be homeless.
If you walk away with a backpack you’ll be homeless.

1 thought on “What Is The Hardest Thing You Ever Had To Do?”

  1. Very deep thinking but then, that’s what you are, a deep thinker. A person can be homeless living in a home. One can be sad in the midst of a celebration. Thoughts can be many but actions few. Life can be lived but you feel dead inside. Tomorrow is blessed but not promised. Praying for you brother-that you find contentment within your pondering soul.

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