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How To Tame Wildlife ~Theory

Actually I brought you here with a title, perhaps I shouldn’t have.

Taming wild life isn’t really what I have experienced over the last year or so. I’ve been practicing how to relax wildlife  at the presence of feeding said wildlife.
For instance, birds, and deer. For the most part, the birds.

Woodpeckers, blue jays, cardinals,little chickadees, etc,… Deer.

How To Tame Wildlife ~Theory

Six feet from the back door of the house there lies a bird feeder I constructed so the birds can feed. Not to mention the consent shooing away the squirrels.

At first I just wanted to feed the birds while watching their behaviour.
The amount of understanding I was learning about them, I was a bit surprised I retained any. Did you know a woodpeckers tongue wraps around the back of their brain?

It acts as a shock absorber so the woodpeckers brain doesn’t bang against its skull.
Weird huh?

Honestly what I really experienced astonished me.
I figured while I was with-in five feet of the bird feeder and the bird would quickly land on the tree branch above my head, thus chirping as if the sun wasn’t going to rise.

And, of course I would do the human interpretation of chirping back at the little birdies.
My mind dreamily thinking, how a bird can be a dinosaur.

Anyway, now here’s the ~Theory part of this story.

Are you with me?

Bowing to wildlife!

I began bowing to the wildlife, slowly to bow, slowly to rise, repeatedly.
After awhile I strongly believe, it works.
Bowing to the wildlife had an effect of them.
They began to relax around me.
The reward was a distance of three feet from the feeder certain flying dinosaurs would fly in. Its kinda hard to obtain an image of this animals are awesome experience.

I suppose I’ll try this coming spring of 2018.

I had to ask myself, why is this a ~Theory? The longterm experience continues and I haven’t been able to prove or to provide any facts to the question,
Does bowing down to wildlife help them to relax?

I supposed it does. I find myself thinking I shouldn’t ask this question -but- that’s the very thing that has driven me to ask, laugh out loud.

Giggle, giggles, I did ask an associate.
He ask me if I was gonna become a deer whisperer.

I like his wit and sense of humor. It makes the morning go by more enjoyable.

Maybe you could try it. Be very cautious if you do.

We wouldn’t want anything bad happen.
I can only speak as to what I have experienced over the last year.
I’ll slowly continue and increase their experiment and get back to you on this.

I thinkr5 would enjoy my story.