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How Not To Become Confused By Someone Else’s Confusion.

Slow down.

What does that mean? Well, I’m not saying for you to slow your entire life down.
I’m saying slow down your thinking.

Think for yourself.
So you say, “I have alway’s thought for myself”

I can remember when I was a lot younger growing up in the DC area and often hearing people say, “Welcome to the land of confusion“. As a result of hearing that, I thought I was confused. No longer. I’m not confused and haven’t been for many years now.

Some of you reading this may have thought you have never been confused in life.
Well, I’m here to tell you, yes you have.

Please forgive my bluntness. I don’t mean to confuse you.
I’m only saying, we have all been confused at one time or another in our lives.

Its easier to be confused in this day more than any other time in our history.
With the widespread use of social media and the increase of knowledge confusion can and is running rampant. That being said, my solution is, everybody needs to slow down.

The old adage “Haste makes waste” still holds true to this day.

Slow down, think for yourself.

Acting quickly to someone else’s suggestions or instructions can be dangerous for you.

Heck, I don’t care if I have to think about something for months before I make a decision.
I used to think I had to act fast -but- by doing so, for the most part the wrong decision was always made. And now, I’m reaping the sourness of those bad decision’s.

And so will you if you keep acting too quickly on decision’s.

Again, slow down and think for yourself more often. Believe you me, you will see a difference. And the confusion in you from others will fade away.

How Not To Become Confused By Someone Else’s Confusion.

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1 thought on “How Not To Become Confused By Someone Else’s Confusion.”

  1. Well, I sure don’t have to worry about making quick decisions. Making decisions quickly, if at all, is a big weakness for me.

    Now being confused, on the other hand, is a natural for me. I don’t even need others to confuse me. I do that quite well on my own. Haha!


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