Back to the sea/Houston/Harvey
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Back To The Sea

Where will all the water from Hurricane Harvey go?

“The longer the water sits in there, the more long-lasting irreparable damage people will face”

Unsurprisingly for a city on the Gulf Coast, the vast majority of the water dumped on Houston will head back out to sea. But the route it takes from the city to the shore will, for the most part, be slow and painful.

“Think of a major interstate down to one lane at rush hour,” says Bob Holmes, National Flood Hazard coordinator with the Unites States Geological Survey. “The water has to get out to the ocean, but it can only flow down this small channel. It will take a while for all that to empty out.”

The flooding can also be compounded by storm surge, which raises the sea level, essentially adding a blockade to the traffic jam. – More.

Where will all the water from Hurricane Harvey go?

Harvey has dumped trillions of gallons of water onto the city — enough to fill the Great Salt Lake twice over.

MATTHEW CAPPUCCI estimates that in a 36-hour period, roughly 9 trillion gallons of water fell on the Houston area.

Cappucci, He says that if you took that amount of water, 9 trillion gallons, and spread it equally over the 48 contiguous states, it would equal .17 inches of rain covering the country.