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Why There Was No Windows 9

It was a dark and cold night at the Gates house. The lights were off, the billions of dollars rustling in the vault, and the three McDuck brothers were resting in their beds. On the third door from the right at the top of the 20th floor Mr. Gates had designated for his bedroom, the crisp, dark sound of a voice could be heard from the fireplace. Gates was startled by this, and woke up. “Boys? Is that you playing with me money again? Don’t touch me millions” he said as he stumble, merely half awake and half still asleep, dreaming of his fortune. The voice spoke again, louder this time, sending shivers right down the kashmir pajama suit he wore to bed each night. As his eyes widened he noticed a faint ball of light, yet there was no source for the light. This astounded him. Within seconds he nearly had it trademarked only to be interrupted by the sudden trimmer send through the room. A voice crept around the room like a moth on a light. “Ooooo, Mr. Gates!” it said, “I am the ghost of Microsoft future. I warn ye, don’t make number 9! It be cursed!”. The first thing that went through Mr. Gates’ mind was the billions he could make off of 9, but this unsettling news brought such fear upon him, he knew better. “I be but a entrepreneur, I love me McDuck kids and me operating system as if it were me own kin. If it be so, so be it”. With a “bobbedy” here and a “boppedy” there, Microsoft 9 was sent away to where it would never be seen again. The ghostly presence had disappeared before Bill could say another word. William stumbled back to his bed, suddenly feeling as tired as he had felt when he awoke, and collapsed, gently mumbling before he fell asleep, “You can bet your willy there shall be no 9”.  The End.  _by Travis Crowder

The real reason why!

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