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All is Not Lost

He was well liked by his peers, confident, good-looking, intelligent, strong,  but most of all kind.  There was a strong connection with his church and the Saviour and he couldn’t wait to go on a mission for his church.

This young man did just that when he was old enough to go, to preach the gospel to the world was a dream come true for him and his family was so proud of the young man he became!

He served two years living among  the impoverished, serving and loving them.  He grew as a man of great faith as well, excited to return home, receive his education, find employment and start a family of his own.

He did all of these things, after graduating in architecture, working for a reputable firm, he found the women of his dreams who shared the same desires as he did.  They vowed to always put each other first and give 100% of themselves to each other.

They also had a son whom they were both very proud of, although mom spent much of the time raising him due to her husbands work ethic, he managed to make an appearance to  all of the important activities and accomplishments their son was making.

His time away from home was becoming more frequent and longer.  He was putting so much effort into climbing the corporate ladder, that he forgot his main goal of making life for him and his family happy and comfortable.

He started flirting with women he worked with and women outside of work until he found himself having an affair, quite a few in fact.  One evening his wife found evidence of it and confronted him, he sheepishly admitted to his transgression and begged forgiveness.  It took her a while, but she did, she loved him and had faith in him.  However, it was short-lived, even their teenage son could see what was going on and lost all respect for his father.

With much trepidation, his wife left him.  He begged and pleaded for her to come back and promised to do anything to change, she said no.  He went to the leader of his church upset and asking for guidance.  He was told that he must repent.  To repent is to stop doing the thing that he was doing and to be truly sorry for it.

He was despondent,  his wife wouldn’t take him back and he was sorry, but it wasn’t enough.  He went home, got in his knees and prayed with great tears in his eyes, he collapsed into a heap of exhaustion.  He started immediately into a curious dream.

He was in the desert heat, climbing up a steep cliff, he didn’t know why, but he had to reach the top and he was only half way and he was already straining against his weary muscles.  When suddenly he heard a distant commotion.  He looked down from where he was perched and could see and group of people gathering, but couldn’t make anything out.  Deciding to go down only about 20 feet, maybe he could see what’s going on.

Indeed he did, to his surprise, it was Roman soldiers whipping, kicking and beating the Saviour. He started screaming down at them to stop,  they couldn’t hear him.  He started scrambling down as fast as he could, screaming and crying ” don’t you know who that is? Stop! All to no avail.  Once off of the cliff and as he got closer, he could see the muscular soldier raising a heavy mallet into the air bringing it down with a heavy thud onto the nails that would go into the Saviours flesh and onto the cross.

He was running and screaming to stop, that’s our Saviour, you don’t know what you’re doing!  He finally got to the soldier and grabbed him by his shoulder and spun him around.  To his shock and surprise, the solder was none other than himself.

He woke up sobbing uncontrollably, now he knew what repentance really meant, they aren’t just words, they are being.  To know that when you offend or hurt someone, you are really doing it to the Saviour and he realized what it meant for Him to be crucified for everyone’s sins so they could have the opportunity to return to Him!  We must know to never do that thing again.   His wife accepted him back home with welcome and loving arms and he returned to church with a renewed energy and understanding of the gospel.