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Eva Vergilova: YouTubes Greatest Musician at 28,780 Subscriber’s

The Godfather Song by Eva Vergilova:

It is always a joy to see Eva first to start your day, when you open Facebook.
YouTuber of 28,780 subscriber’s, is capturing a world wide audience
and has been for some time now.
Her guitar skills are excitable, and are worthy looking at and listening too.

You have to give a listen to her skill.

Her latest release, below…

.. Truly Eva has surpassed the level of just being in a garage band.

Eva’s rendition of Prince’s “Purple Rain”, is the first song I watched when I met Eva Vergilova. I’d like to wish Eva all the best and you just never know, “Expect a miracle”

Purple Rain (Prince and The Revolution) cover by Eva Vergilova:

Eva Vergilova can be found here on Youtube. And here on Facebook.

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