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WoW, Beck. What Does He Know…

Wow, this is the song my older brother wanted me to emotionally share with him month’s before he passed away.

It’s been nearly over a month since my brother suddenly passed away.
The challenge I have today, is posting this song.

I personally don’t fully understand the song, but I now know what my brother wanted me to get out of the song. Which I have gathered it to be, what he understood about the song.

And that would be what is in this video, which I’m unable to express to you.
Each viewer will and has interpreted this song as they see it.

I do like the song, and wish my brother could have enjoyed it longer than he was given the pleasure to do so. I now ask, “WoW, Jeff Beck. What Does He Know About This?

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And now this link is for the daily post challenge. – Song

I’m sure I didn’t complete the challenge, I’m like Wow, Right Now.