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What Happens To A Man of Over a Half Century Years of Age.

Yesterday, this day was Veterans Day, a Friday in the month of November, in the year two thousand and sixteen.

A day of something to have done.
Like visiting the Emergency room for treatment to an out standing ailment.

Having a Cyst usually goes un-attended by most of us until that day arrives you begin to be concerned, and feel it has become more of an issue you’d rather not face.

And then, you have left the ER not treated, -but- given referrals to the doctor of cyst removal. As well as learning the shooting pain you have been experiencing for the last seven months isn’t from the cyst, -but- from a pinched nerve (Cervical Radiculopathy) in the back of your neck.

All the while you try to enroll into the health program for any assistance that might be available to you.

Now, keep in mind your over the age of fifty.
You’re taking steps to do the right thing’s with your life.
Not to mention you wanted to do this back in October.

The last car you had, burned. You let your driver’s license expire.
You gave living in the state of Florida one last try, after many repeated attempts
during a five-year span. You lost your Mom of eighty-five years.
You didn’t make it in Florida. You ended up in the state of Virginia.
You knew all along you weren’t gonna make it there.

And finally you ended up in the Democratic state of Maryland. Your home state.

Onward with the story, the next day you do nothing about seeking further information to get the health concerns attended to. The numbness of the reality had too much control -this to is of concern- so the next day, which is now Friday.

Is where you receive a phone call and upon disconnecting, gathered some inspiration to follow-up your search on-line for the Maryland Health Insurance phone number. The number is given immediately. You store the number into your phone. You don’t call right away, you attempt to enroll online.

At this point you fill in all the text fields make it all the way to the “Captcha”.
Ahhh, success. Waiting for my account to be created. Nope. Password not correct.
Repeating to acquire a successful password failed ten times.
That’s it, moving on. So you now call the number.
Wrong. “Please check the number you are dialing”, OMG. That’s not what you want to hear. But, that’s exactly what you heard.
OK, now call 311.
311 is the number residents of the county Montgomery can call for non-emergencies.

Ring, ring, “Our offices are closed, please call during regular business hours.”
Oh, snap.

Three hours passed and then you realize its Veterans Day.

We’re having a Supermoon on the 14th and a new president of the United States will be sworn into office on the 20th.

President Trump will change the way our health insurance will work for its citizens.

You know? There is a point to all this, but I’m not completely sure what it is.

If this makes any sense to you, then you have done this or am doing this as I do this.

And you know this isn’t the end of it.
You have many other things to do to set thing’s right for yourself.
However, living in the state of Maryland, doing these thing’s are the most troublesome double fold.

It an absolute dis-combobulated, un-wanted, rising of rage disaster.
I took off working in the field to get this done.
And what most of all what did I get?
Disappointment, more depression, frustration, and numbness that still hasn’t left.

My last move if I can’t take anymore would be to commit myself.

At least that way, I just may have erased all the steps to take and have it all done in big swath of time.

So, to add a touch of humor, “If you’re gonna lose your mind, you might as well forget it.”

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4 thoughts on “What Happens To A Man of Over a Half Century Years of Age.”

  1. There are positives to this believe it or not. You’ve shared, not holding back can open doors, hurray! If each thing can be worked out one at a time it won’t be overwhelming. Sometimes we get lost in all the things swimming in our heads, hey, we’re thinkr’s! Remember, health is #1 and with friends and family great things happen!

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  2. This could boggle a person’s mind if they did not feel they knew you very well.
    I’m truly sorry that these life issues are happening, have happened, and continue to rear their ugliness on your behalf. I am however very proud of you my brother for you have overcome a lot of adversity and yet you continue to even in the rage find some solice and continue on with your endeavor’s. Not only for your health but in many areas of your life.
    You are talented, creative and you my brother are loved so much.
    “DON’T QUIT.” “DONT GIVE UP.” I appreciate who you are just the way you are.

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