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The Assignment

There was the sweetest angel waiting in the wings, watching other angels as they listened carefully to hear their bells ring.

She was so kind and patient, just as one expects an angel to be and she has no idea that someone else would see.

This angel was highly favored in the heart of God to do a very special job. All the other angels jumped for joy, looking somewhat like a heavenly mob.

As the angels filtered out of the Kingdom to report for work and lose their gossamer wings, the angel Julie said, “what about me?”  “Oh” God said,    “I have a special assignment for you.”

Gracefully and with much humility, this favored angel stepped through the Veil.   With arms and a heart large enough, she held  seven littles to love.  She did just that and thanked her Father above.

Earthly hearts and feelings are easily broken, but God left her a special token, a promise He made to her that never had to be spoken.

She knew with every tear she shed and every prayer said, that one day in his arms she’d be, again with her littles to hear the angels sing.

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