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When It Comes To This

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In the images notice the crowdfunding groups?

Crowdfunding Sources

I see you are there people. My personal twitter account went un-noticed for nearly 10 years, until thinkr8 was thought. And when I started a GoFundMe campaign, you guy’s came out of the wood work. Not that I don’t appreciate the follows, I do.
Thank you.

However, My team is slow to react here at thinkr8. Until the day arrives when they get busy, I’m unable to do any research into more funding or crowdfunding companies.

The future of thinkr8 rest solely on me, thinkr8 and the team.

Thinkr8 is in its infancy and needs more people (writer’s) who are willing to share their work here at thinkr8 at no cost to thinkr8 or the existing members or new members.

And for the next 3 month’s thinkr8’s growth will depend on the team and thinkr8.

Thank you, Thinkr8

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