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All Families Mean Something

Families Mean Something

This story was written by my Father.

Certainly, we hear parents whose children have left home state they would not want to be rearing children in the world of today. It appears this statement may be assessed as a lack of confidence in their own children. Thankfully, the myriad aspects of family life are greatly outnumbered by more pleasant circumstances than bad.

Young parents should cherish their responsibilities and be faithful to themselves and their children. Their joys will be enormously en­hanced as they grow to maturity.

Family life is many silent and spoken prayers for the welfare of loved ones. It is words of caution, of reprimand, and in later years, words of advice if solicited.

Family is a mountain of meals to prepare and dozens of dirty dishes,
In some households it is small rations of food and giant portions of love.
When children depart, family becomes memories.

Recollections come alive of spankings for three boys caught smoking by a parent who did smoke. ‘Do as I say, not as I do,’ but shouldn’t rules apply to all?
Rank has its privileges, but this is rank injustice. Sorry fellers!

Family is a son writing a newspaper publicly thanking a man for saving his brother’s life; also giving just and due credit to God for placing the man in the position to accomplish that thankful deed.

It is an un-adventurous lad of 22 years pulling on a reserve of gumption he never dreamed he had riding a thumb hitching rides to San Francisco. The first letter concludes with a reassuring, “No I’m not like that.” Fully rewarding is a unacademic son who quits school at 16 years of age, goes to work the next day and works for his first employer six years. It is another young son who quits school, can’t find employment, but now employed becomes angry if he is forced to remain away from his job.

Family is a daughter with a dew-drop voice and a pillow-soft nature who was so timid she never dated in high school. Sorry guys she’s married.

It’s also an alert five-year old who pulls a charged extension cord from his crawling baby sister’s mouth as her little body turns blue.

Brotherhood in a family is a Son who drives 40 miles one way to transport his brother 4 miles to a hospital. The very same son rises at 2 a.m. on a cold night to give his father’s car a hot shot.

Unselfish is the daughter who arrives bearing checks for substantial amounts announcing. “It’s some I have left over.”

Then a son tenders 75 dollars “to help pay your car insurance.” The father is truly rich. Family is a disappointed boy who asks for a football suit, rejects it one year later but doesn’t forget to buy his mother a 30-dollar footstool for Christmas.
Fully Filling is a reunion at Thanksgiving or Christmas with no petty differences, a group where no jealousy is present and laughter abounds. Thanks Kids!

Concluding. family is a letter signed with love. So to all readers, with love.

Milton J. Smith, Sr. ©

Any future material released from this writer will be discussed
by the remaining family members.

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