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When This Is “A Father’s Tribute”

A Father’s Tribute _by Sharon Bowen – June 2nd 1999

It may seem like galaxies have separated us.
It may seem like there is no end to the void between us.
Each one us have taken a different pathway of life.
We have loved one another as a friend. We have fought as enemies. We have rebuilt walls. We have burned bridges.

My Father 1977-79
Milton J. Smith Sr. – Freelance Writer, Published Author – “I Could Write For Hours -but- I’d Rather Write For Money” – Not For Sale

Once, there was something – or I should say – someone who held us together.
That something was the love of a father. That someone was our father,
gone from us too soon. A prophetic word was spoken by the Pastor at his memorial service. Some may be too young to remember.
Some may not have heard.
Some may have been in denial, or anger, or lost in grief.
but, those words spoken have indeed come to pass.

Now, sixteen years later, I am reminded of those words; “Each member of this family will each go its own separate way. For the chain has been broken that held it together.”
At the time I thought of the chain of addiction and all things bad.
I thought, “Well this isn’t such a bad thing. We need to go on. We need to grow up.”

Now, sixteen years later, I look back over all our lives and see greater chains that have bound us. We struggle within them.
And have walked away from each other, bringing those words to pass.

What about the chain that held us together?
The chain that was broken?

It was a cain of the love of a father (doing the best he knew how).
A father, who, struggling within his own chains, never gave up on family.

Each of us knew we were loved in our own special way. No, it wasn’t perfect love – only God can give that.

But here, now – I miss our father’s love.
I miss his smile, his laugh.
I miss his funny little sayings.
I miss his sometimes profound words of wisdom.
I miss Sunday dinners and crab feasts.
I miss “family”.
I miss you, my brother.
I miss you, my sister.

I am sorry for turning my back and walking away.
I am sorry for my part in helping those prophetic words come true.

I miss my “Daddy” and I miss each one of you.

Your sister, Sharon

Written for the newsletter “The Prime Directive” – 2nd Edition 6-2-99

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  1. Thank you Gary for posting this. Reading it took me right back to the time I wrote it. Much time and many miles have passed since. I still love you and all my brothers and sisters who have been separated by death and brought together by death. Life is precious, make it work!

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