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The Not So Mis-understood

So, what’s the antimatter?

I read with keen interest the April 29 1999 article from “The New York Times” News Service on  “Antimatter plume alters view on galaxy.”

The article was well written. What I mean is, I thought I understood what I was reading until I realized, “Hey! Wait a minute. I’m scientifically and astronomically challenged.”
I questioned: “What’s the matter with antimatter?”

Do I need 511,ooo electron volts of energy to understand this stuff or have my positrons collided with my negative-trons, therefore my brain waves have been destroyed?

Take for example the antimatter definition as described by the article.
“Anti-matter – a form of matter in which the electrical charge or other property of each constituent particle is the reverse of that in the usual matter of our universe… “
The definition could have read, “Antimatter – the constituents` property, such as cars and furniture (maybe), along with (I think) participles of sentences full of electricity which forms a reversal of the matter.”

You know, some kind of definition like that for the astronomically challenged, such as myself. At least it has some words in there I can relate to.

It may be I just have a black hole at the center of my intelligence so that when matter is drawn into the hole of dark mass of The Great Annihilator collapses the intelligence.

I’m sorry, I thought I understood what I was writing. _by RLS ©

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