Sunny was a very happy little girl
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Embracing Sunny

Sunny was a very happy little girl
Sunny was a very happy little girl and she was overjoyed that Digger was now her “Poppy”. Every couple of days they pulled there wagon to the market square and sold vegetables, flowers, and straw!

Digger would put the coins into a big pot. Usually they sold everything they had brought. Then digger would have sunny go into the different shops to buy certain items. The meat market shop, did butchering, and they would bring their extra chickens into the chop to be knacked, [Digger did not have the heart to kill any of his chickens out right], but the knacker understood this…and for a few coins he would do the job, and at the end of the day they would pick up a package of chicken already parted into different ‘cuts’.. The dairy man would take a small container of goat’s milk and turn it into cheese or butter. There were other shops. There was a Bakery Shop, they backed big loaves of bread, and they made the occasional cake. There was a Seamstress Shop. Digger decided that Sunny needed a new dress, in fact she needed 2 new dresses, and two new aprons to keep them clean longer.

Digger told Sunny to go inside the Dress shop and ask the Seamstress if she would make her two dresses. And to politely ask how much that would cost. So Sunny went inside the shop, and waited while a older lady left. “Excuse Me” she said as politely as she could. “How much would it cost to make me two new dresses”? The seamstress was going to tell her to get lost. But when she looked into sunny’s eyes – she could see how sincere she was. The Seamstress told her how much it would cost. “Excuse me while I tell my Poppy”, she left quietly and called over her shoulder “I will be right back”. She told digger the price and so he handed her a handful of coins. “Just tell the Dear Lady that you do not know how to count and could she please count out loud”?
Sunny went back inside the shop and showed the dear lady her coins. “I do not know how to count yet. could you please help me?” The Seamstress looked at the coins; some were gold, some were silver, and some were copper. She counted out the big gold coins first. “Each of these is worth 10 guilders.”…..She picked out three of them. this will cover the cost of the material, and the cost of sewing it. She pointed to the silver coins, “these are worth 5 guilders”, and then she pointed to the copper ones: “the big ones are worth 1 guilder each and the small ones are worth 1/2 of a guilder!”
The lady asked Sunny about the color she would like. “Oh I get to choose the color? ” she asked, her eyes getting big with the wonder of that! The Seamstress nodded. So Sunny picked out a Pale Blue, and a Dark Blue. “Each of these will come with a Pinafore or apron.” Sunny clapped her hands with Joy . “Come back in three days”, she said while holding up three fingers. “Yes Maam”. Sunny Replied. When she left the shop she was smiling really big. Digger smiled too! Then they walked back to the farm.

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