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When Your Help Is Wanted

You Can Help

Yes, Thinkr8 is new. Thinkr8 isn’t a new concept, we know that.

However, Thinkr8 would like to invite you to contribute, and or be a writer at Thinkr8.
Its no secret Thinkr8 is in its beta stage. I, yes, I Thinkr8, think (DREAM) big.
Thinkr8 can become just that, BIG. You don’t have to be a “WordPresser” to join.
You don’t have to have your own WordPress web site to join.
All you need is the gumption to write and to share your work.

Please keep in mind, Thinkr8 is in its infant stage and is unable to employ writer’s. This means if you come to Thinkr8 to write, you do so as a contributor/author.
Your work is published here, at Thinkr8, at no cost to you or Thinkr8.

If you have the desire to write and share -but- don’t want to mess with the creation of your own wordpress web site, then Thinkr8 is for you. The only thing Thinkr8 needs from you, is your Email address. Thinkr8 will Email you an invitation to be a
“Contributor or an Author.” That’s all there is to it to get an invitation.

Maybe you already have your own WordPress site (blog). It doesn’t matter, you can still contribute to Thinkr8. For those of you that don’t know the WordPress Platform, no worries, Thinkr8 can help you. However, at this time Thinkr8 is one. Calling on all Thinkr`,
please ask for an invitation, Thinkr8 wants your help.

There are two ways you can help Thinkr8. The first and foremost is to join Thinkr8.
The second is you can donate to the Thinkr8 thinking BIG (Dream).

Thinkr8 is asking for donations to help Thinkr8 aquire its own “Dot Com”, dot org, dot net, etc, … – Thinkr8 at Go Fund Me – please take the time to make a donation.
Thank you.
Thinkr8 –

It doesn’t matter what type of writer you are.
However, Thinkr8 will not accept writer’s that are looking to spread “Hate”.
Thinkr8 is looking to get love, peace and understanding to the world at hand.

Again, Thinkr8 is in its beta stage -but- Thinkr8 has a secret waiting in the wings.
As Thinkr8 grows the Thinkr8 secret will be revealed.
Here’s a “Hint.”
Thinkr8 is the child of a freelance writer. The freelance writer in question has his own book. Some of the contents of that book, can and will be revealed, here at Thinkr8.
Only time will tell.

If you use the Contact/Join page to inform Thinkr8 about your desire to write for Thinkr8,
please include your Email address in the comment text field. WordPress doesn’t provide Thinkr8 with your Email address from the Email address text field.

Thinkr8 will not spam you, or provide your Email address to “ANY” third party.

Thank you.

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