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Do you know what’s weird?

Do you know what’s weird?

Its weird I’m writing with this text to speech software program. I’m doing this because I prefer not to have my voice on audio -don’t care for it.
Any way, I’m just funning right now, I challenged myself with this little project, which require’s a level of manual execution.

The type of graphic, audio synchronization without full software implementation, manual execution is a means of breaking down the framework in order to achieve, understanding of the sub level of knowledge.
Knowledge present, however inert, still has its function for the cause of the script.

Enough with Techno babble.

Amusing how I feel the power to use and create, resulting in a conclusion of memory.

It doesn’t have to make sense, it creates as it is written, “So it is written, let it be done.”

77 percent complete. (110286783 of 146272322 free clusters processed) overs 48 hours.

Its weird, scan disk is running for over 40 hours now.
It doesn’t matter, it hasn’t frozen.
The progress is, and is still.

So now let it go.

I don’t think for myself in this present written state.
It isn’t in my parameters to function in that manner.

It will finish!

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This is where I challenged myself to write techno-babble.
As I was running the scan disk, find and fix errors on Windows 7.
The computers hard drive was beyond repair.