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When “There Are No Shadows In The Dark”

There Are No Shadows In The Dark

Part 1

There are no shadows in the dark.
Just a never-ending expanse of black.
No matter where I turn.
It is as though I have been captured.
My very breath of life sucked into a black hole.
As though a giant vacuum hose were attached at the other end of the universe.
A cacophony of thought’s, emotions and fears are swirling madly all around me.
When will it stop?
Who will pull the plug?

Part 2

Somewhere in the never-ending expanse of black where there are no shadows–
But wait!
What is this I see?
A truth lying flat upon my path.
I have but to pick it up and follow the light that glows from it?
It is dark all around me.
How will I know my way?
No! I do not want to stay in this darkness.
It is cold and lonely.
And full of disappointment and fear.
Sadness and hopelessness engulf me.
I really don’t like it here.
But I’m afraid to go forward.
I fear I shall pick up the truth and drop it once again.
And the small glimmer of hope to escape this abyss will be extinguished.
I fear I am not strong enough to carry the pain and sorrow swirling around me in the dark.
There are truths to be faced that I’d rather not see.
I just don’t have the time — O God, let me be !

Part 3

Where can I escape from you?
Even in the dark–
You are here too !
There is no escape.
You have called me by name.
I will face Your challenge.
Here in the dark.
Where I do see shadows which are cast upon my soul;
shadows of fear, disappointment, sin and pain.
As You shine Your light upon each one.
I must continue with what You have begun.
Perhaps it won’t be long when the only shadows I see is mine following Yours–
That is where I want to be !

Sharon Bowen _Sister

June 19, 1996

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