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How I Seen The Space Shuttle

A Captain’s Log;

With trusty binoculars in hand, at 6:50am., May 27th 1999, I eagerly waited for the Space Shuttle Discovery to blast off from Cape Canaveral.

CNN was locked on the television set and I was using the Sun Coast, (west coast of Florida) 3 1/2 hours away from the east coast, in Venice.

At liftoff, on the lanai, I looked roughly 25-27 degrees left of the rising Sun and with one ear tuned to the television I thought, “Where is it?”

My brother was strangely looking and straining his eyes 50 degrees or more way left of where I was looking.

And then it happened!

26 degrees left of the rising Sun and 2 degrees above the building complex in front of me, I saw the Space shuttle for the first time. I brought the trusty binoculars to my eyes, and made a minor focus adjustment, then I could see the fiery glow from the booster rockets.

After the booster rockets made a trail of smoke as long as my arm, the shuttle was gone, out into space, 250 miles above the Earth.

While preparing to go to work for the day, I continued to look at the smoke trail well after the Spacecraft disappeared.

This year on September 16th NASA plans to launch the Space Shuttle Endeavor. I’m hopeful I will see this launch at a distance of 6 miles, near the infamous televised digital launch countdown board.

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To this day I didn’t make it to the infamous countdown board
(there are no photo’s of this experience)

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