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When Light Falls Upward

Four Fallen Upward Lights

Working nights at Exxon Convenience Store (Ladd) gave me many viewing opportunities of the night sky. In the Valley of Shenandoah (Daughter of the Stars) certain areas of the night sky are void of bright lights. Available at one’s searching when business would slow down I would immediately step outside, lock the store door and find that dark area of night sky on the North side of the Exxon building.

I began my search for Comet Hale-Bopp in the early morning’s of January 1997, without telescopic aid. I found the Hale-Bopp during one of those January morning’s flying through stellar winds near the Star Constellation known as Cygnus the Swan. The comet was 93 million miles distant to Earth.

As five months were removed and Hale-Bopp had made its trek into the outer reaches of the solar system we were now in the month of July. On a Saturday night in July I carried to work a police scanner. Uneventful as it was until 3-4am, I learned of a car crash on the scenic road of the Blue Ridge Mountain. I stepped outside to look and found the emergency rescue lights flashing on the mountain. I also found my adrenaline was in a state of emergency. Sympathetically, my thoughts were were not in favor for those that crashed.

Later that morning around 5:30 I once again stepped outside, this time I was “sticking” the gas tanks. This task measures the amount of gallons of gas that are in the underground tanks. As I lifted the measuring stick above my head and out of the medium grade tank,

I looked in front of me in the direction of the Northern sky, as the measured numbers passed over me I saw one falling dim light appearing from the darkened void of space. This light managed to fall about a hands length and then as it brightened to the magnitude of a light bulb (100 watts) it turned down, then up, Like a V. On its way up it dimmed back to what it looked like when I first seen it, then it disappeared.

Another dim light did the same thing, same path, then another, then another, four in all. The fourth one was much different. As it reached the part where the V intersects, the brightness of the light was less and not as long in duration. Its upward climb was shortened as well, then it faded into the darkened void of space. I was awestruck at this *celestial sight. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted someone to say, “Did you see that?” But, no one did, only I.

*Four boys crashed the car they were driving on the scenic road that night. Three critical but conditions favorable. One not so favorable.

He passed on into heaven. Four Fallen Upward Lights

*Footnote* – I wrote this story to describe the celestial event I encountered, as it turned out it was befitting to combine the two events of that night.

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