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When Everybody Knows Frank

Do you know Frank?

Everybody knows Frank! Let me tell you about Frank.

Frank walks into a club and everybody in the club says,”Hi Frank and pats him on his back. As Frank is walking up to the bartender, the bartender asks Frank, “Frank you think you know everybody and everybody knows you.” Frank replies, Yes, I know everybody and everybody knows me.” The bartender bets Frank that he doesn’t know the Pope and the Pope don’t know Frank. Frank says, “Yeah, I know the Pope and the Pope knows me. The bartender doesn’t believe what he is hearing. So the bartender flies Frank and himself to the Vatican to see if Frank knows the Pope and if the Pope knows Frank.

At this time in the story, they are in the crowd and Frank says to the bartender, “Hold on, I’ll be right back”. Frank starts making his way through the crowd towards the Pope and everybody in the crowd is greeting Frank and patting him on the back. Frank finally makes his way to the Pope and when he does, the Pope greets Frank as if the Pope and Frank were friends for a lifetime. Frank looks out into the crowd and see’s the bartender has fainted. Frank runs through the crowd and as Frank is coming up on the bartender, Frank asks the bartender, “Didn’t you believe I knew the Pope and the Pope knew me?” As the bartender is coming to his feet, the bartender replies, “No, its not that, the guy next to me, said “Who is that guy up there with Frank”

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